Will there be a sequel: to the Ryan Gosling-starrer?

Will there be a sequel

The Gray Man had its Netflix debut on July 22, 2022, across every country. The movie, which was co-written by Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, and Joe Russo and co-directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, is based on Mark Greaney’s novel of the same name.

Before being picked up by Netflix and the Russo brothers, the movie was in development for nine years. With an astounding $200 million budget, this movie’s production value is only surpassed by No Time To Die. The biggest action thriller of the year just debuted on the streaming service.

Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans front an all-star cast in The Gray Man, with the former serving as the face of a potential franchise. Additionally featured in Daniel Craig’s farewell James Bond film earlier this year were Ana de Armas, Regé-Jean Page, Jessica Henwick, Billy Bob Thornton, Julia Butter, Dhanush, and Alfre Woodard.


Ryan Gosling in The Gray Man

The Gray Man is an action-packed delight

The Gray Man’s story centered on Six, a highly secret spy whose identity had been wiped and who had later been taught how to transform into a ghost. In 2003, Agent Fitzroy sought him out for the top-secret CIA project.

When the CIA was under a new leadership in 2021, Fitzroy was compelled to retire. Six was dispatched on a mission to Bangkok, where he learned of Denny Carmichael’s criminal deeds in ordering him to kill Four, another anonymous agent like him.

Six received a medallion from Four that contained a thumb drive. After then, there was a cat-and-mouse pursuit filled with a ton of action. Six was pursued by Lloyd Hansen, a sociopath mercenary Carmichael recruited to use any means necessary to get his hands on the crucial thumb drive.

Six’s goal was to save both his own life and Claire Fitzroy, the niece of his former employer Fitzroy. The latter had become close to the renegade agent like a family. Dani, who repeatedly saved Six, traveled the world with Six while avoiding the onslaught of men sent by Hansen to seize the asset.

To see the generosity the Russo brothers have brought to your screens following their enormously popular Avengers films, watch the movie on Netflix.

Will there be a sequel to The Gray Man?

The Gray Man is a movie based on the same-named book by Mark Greaney. Following the success of his debut novel, Greaney went on to create a total of nine additional novels, the most recent of which was released in 2021. Therefore, if the creators decide to make a sequel, they will have access to ample source material.

However, neither Netflix nor the Russo brothers have made any official statements on a follow-up. Joe and Anthony Russo did admit that they approached The Gray Man as a franchise in an interview with Screen Rant. Anthony Russo continued, saying

Joe Russo has stated that if a sequel is made, The Old Man will eventually be introduced to the audience. The movie depicted Denny Carmichael carrying out a series of unauthorized and extremely reckless acts to take Six’s evidence-containment thumb drive.

In the movie, Margaret Cahill said that this was much above his pay grade and that someone had to be controlling him. The identity of The Old Man and a few other plotlines remained a mystery throughout the film.

The Russo brothers left certain loose ends in The Gray Man that suggest a potential second run, however it is unclear if there will be a sequel.

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