Why Was Ryan Coogler Arrest? Reason, All Charges & Allegations!

Hello my dear friends, today we have come again with very good information for you. Following a report in the Hollywood Reporter, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that director, Ryan Coogler was arrested following a bank robbery. The outlet reported that the report was further corroborated by the Los Angeles police department, which is investigating a burglary at a Texas pizza restaurant owned by Coogler’s father. Outrage and outcry is the only word to describe the reactions of people all over the world when they discovered that star director Ryan Coogler was arrested for a bank robbery on Thursday afternoon. Follow our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Ryan Coogler Arrested

Ryan Coogler Arrested

The director of “Black Panther” has been arrested for a bank robbery in Oakland, Calif., according to MyFoxLA. According to KTLA, Coogler was arrested during a robbery of a Wells Fargo at the Central Avenue branch of the bank. The MyFoxLA report said that police received reports of a robbery and saw two people fleeing from the location. There’s been a sudden uproar on social media after Ryan Coogler, director of the blockbuster Black Panther film has been mistaken for a bank robber.

Why Was Ryan Coogler Arrest? Reason

The director was allegedly mistaken for a bank robber at a service station after being leaving the bank. A man who’s been awarded the Best Director Oscar for his work on an African superhero film has been accused of making a bank robbery. The 50-year-old Hollywood director, Ryan Coogler, was arrested in California after allegedly walking into a convenience store and claiming to be armed. He was at the police station for nearly four hours,

Ryan Coogler All Charges & Allegations

Before being released but not before police swabbed his hands for DNA evidence and took a mug shot for the log. A filmmaker who directed Black Panther has been arrested by police in Oakland, California. was reportedly mistaken for being a bank robber after witnesses told the police he matched the description at the scene. The director of the upcoming Marvel movie about an African prince who is the king of the fictional country Wakanda was taken into custody in front of his home on Friday by four officers from the California Highway Patrol.

Ryan Coogler, the Oscar-nominated writer and director of the hit film Black Panther, was apprehended by police on Monday after a misunderstanding over a female motorist who claimed he pointed a gun at her. The black director of the smash-hit Marvel film “Black Panther” was arrested on Friday at his parents’ house in Oakland, California by police who mistook him for a prowler, authorities said.

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