Why Was Edith Frayne Arrested? All charges & Allegations Explained!

Currently, online users are searching about the arrest of Edith Frayne and this is turning into very controversial breaking news. So reportedly she has been accused of using another female to death and she was immediately captured by the law enforcement agencies. She was immediately identified and active was imposed on her. Keyboard spotted in some surveillance footage that she was pushing of human on the rail tracks of Bloor Yonge station. It is really horrible crime and she should face severe consequences. Keep reading this article to Grab more information about this case. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Edith Frayne?

Who Is Edith Frayne?

The intention of the ocean is still unknown and the interrogation is still going on. The online users are also wondering what could be the possible reason that she wanted to kill her. The state police department quickly traced and dragged her and then arrested her. She is currently 44 years old and the victim was 38 years old the whole incident took place at around 6 p.m. Monday 18th April.

Why Was Edith Frayne Arrested?

There were a lot of surveillance cameras and positively she was captured while performing the deed. We don’t have any information about the identity of the other woman and we hope that she is fine. There have been no reports that the victim was taken to the hospital or see received any injuries. She tried to murder her and hopefully no one was injured. She is going to be presented in the local court on 28th April and we hope that justice will prevail.

Edith Frayne Arrested: All Charges & Allegations

We don’t have any information regarding that family and background and there were no reports that she had a previous criminal history that’s why it is really surprising that why would she take such devastating steps and ruin her life. She can face imprisonment and fine. She has indeed an early horrible thing and we have seen some similar cases in the past where the criminal was given a really tough punishment and the hope that it will be the same case this time off and no one will ever try to do such things.

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