Why Is Christina Pascucci Leaving KTLA? Reporter Makes An Announcement On Twitter

Pascucci, an Emmy Award Winner journalist, has shared on her social page that she is leaving the Southern California new channel KTLA. On July 18, 2022, the reporter pinned, ‘Some big personal news….I am leaving KTLA.’

Also, she has added a video linked to her life’s journey as a reporter on her Twitter. 

Her fans have commented, ”Thank you, Christina, for sharing your advantages with us and keeping us updated with the latest news. You will get missed. Best wishes on your next adventure.”

Moreover, the journalist got her debut on TV as KTLA-5 reporter. Her fans have thanked Pascucci for her hard work on the channel. She is an inspiring and fantastic personality in the field, and her fans were waiting for the new story of the future Pascucci. 

Further, Pascucci has shared the memories with her fans, and she will get remembered for her Special Olympics summer games. Sadly, the correspondent is resigning from the KTLA channel five news after serving for more than 11 years.  

Pascucci has added,” I would go down into this dungeon-like basement to access the archive footage, right next to the haunted tunnels with an eerie coldness and inscriptions from the 1930s. There is legendary history that unfolded here, within the walls of the first TV station west of the Mississippi.”

Where Is Christina Pascucci Going?

Pascucci has not shared where she is going after quitting the news channel KTLA. On her Instagram, she has shared the complete detail about her memories and journey to the KTLA. 

The Journalist has added, ”When my mom came to America 50 years ago, KTLA was the first station she watched. The fact that her daughter would end up working there was truly the realization of her American dream.”

Perhaps, Pascucci first joined KTLA for an internship when she was 19 for Sam Rubin. He does not even remember her from that period. Despite this, the TV entertainment Anchor takes credit for the success of the Journalist. 

Previously, Pascucci worked in Reno and Pal Springs for several years. Later, she sat down with KTLA news director Jason Ball. 

Ball believed in her, and that was the beginning of the Journalist’s most incredible path. She has mentioned that it was the most rewarding adventure of my life to date.

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What Will Christina Pascucci’s Next Journey?

Pascucci has not described her next journey and where is her next strategy. She has added in the last of her detailed information, ”As for what’s next, stay tuned.” She has conveyed her favorite moment on social sites. 

Christina Pascucci leaving KTLA
Christina Pascucci leaving KTLA
( Source : Twitter )

She has mentioned, ‘some of my favorite moments are in this compilation. Both words and images are painfully insufficient to encapsulate the degree to which my KTLA family and our loyal viewers have enriched my life for over a decade. Thank you. I hope I’ve done the same for you in some small way.’

Later, Pascucci ended up making her fans curious about her next adventure. 

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