Why Is CBS News Channel 4 Losing Angela Brauer? What Will She Do Next?

Why Is CBS News Channel 4 Losing Angela Brauer? What Will She Do Next?

Angela Brauer

Angela Brauer

As a news anchor for CBS4 This Morning and an investigative reporter for the CBS4 Consumer Investigation team, Angela Brauer gained notoriety.

Angela was raised in Akron, Ohio, and went to college at Ohio University. She graduated early and moved to Eugene, Oregon. She stayed for an additional year and a half before deciding to live in the sun exclusively.

In 2012, she moved back to Albuquerque, New Mexico. There, she worked as a reporter, producer, news and weather anchor, and did a little bit of everything, which required a busy schedule and occasionally little sleep.

In addition to the show, she is frequently seen helping Hoosiers who feel they have nowhere else to turn in the neighborhood. She has also investigated the lack of sexual assault nurses in Indiana, the number of kids who were found vaping in the classroom, and the amount of money the state spent on personal protective equipment (PPE) during the coronavirus outbreak.

The anchor also enjoys working out, and when she is not in the newsroom, you can often find her outside or at the gym. The majority of her time is spent with her husband, two sons, and dog circus.

Why Is CBS News Channel 4 Losing Angela Brauer?

It’s merely a rumor that Angela is leaving the CBS News program. There is no information yet on her departure.

With the caption, “Leaving the CBS4 Indy studio for the last time this year and is ready for 2019,” she posted a photo on Facebook to mark the start of the new year. This post suggests that she won’t be quitting the show and is eager to start the new year with the network.

She started working for CBS News in 2017 as an investigative reporter and news anchor. Angela hosts CBS This Morning and CBS 4 Midday, and her popularity among viewers is rising. Whenever necessary, she records CBS 4 Problem Solvers, voicemails, and emails. She also fills in for CNS 4 Live at 5 and 6 p.m.

Where Is Angel Brauler Now? Where Is She Going?

In 2022, the CBS4 Anchor will still serve as the host of CBS News on Channel 4.

The anchor added a caption to an Instagram photo of herself and her coworker Bryan from 2010. The picture was taken on July 1st, 2010. I had just graduated from college. We were nearing the conclusion of our WOUB newscast, Bryan and I. After twelve years, three stations, hundreds of newscasts, and four Emmys, I’m still having a fantastic time.

This post indicates that she enjoys hosting shows and plans to work in this industry for a very long time.

Additionally, she shared a photo from CBS New station 4 with the message “We’re set for racing weekend,” demonstrating how much she enjoys her position as CBS News’s anchor.

Net Worth Of Angela Brauer at WTTV

The typical annual wage for a news anchor in the United States is about $66,880. The starting salary for an anchor is $27,370, while the maximum annual salary is $200,180.

Since Angela’s actual income is currently unclear, it’s feasible that it falls within the previously specified range. Her prosperous journalism work is where she gets this money from.

She has devoted her entire life to the journalistic industry

In 2009, she began working as a weather forecaster, anchor, and reporter for WOUB News watch. She worked for WOUB 2 Athens Midday as a producer and an anchor.

She was employed by KMTR-TV from 2010 to 2012 as a daily reporter and weekend weather anchor. She formerly worked for Hearst Television as a news and weather anchor, reporter, and producer before joining CBS4.

In addition to co-producing it, she solo-anchored a three-hour Saturday morning broadcast while filling in as needed for weather and traffic.

Therefore, her net worth can be in the millions. Her career is still active, thus her wealth could increase in the future.

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