Why Did Candy Montgomery Murder Her? Husband Alan Gore Now

Why Did Candy Montgomery Murder Her? Husband Alan Gore Now

On June 13, 1980, Betty Gore was brutally murdered by her neighbor, Candy Montgomery, inside her Dogwood Street home. “Candy,” a true-crime show, will document the incident.

Betty Gore was an elementary school teacher who was brutally murdered in 1980 by her neighbor, Candy Montgomery. The people were stunned and taken aback by the horrible incident.

“Candy,” a new true-crime film from Hulu, will follow the Texas ax killer and throw some light on the incident.

Betty Gore Wikipedia: Why Did Candy Montgomery Murder Her? 

Betty Gore was born in a small Kansas town and relocated to Texas as a child. Betty was a popular student at school, with a vibrant and bright personality.

In one of her classes, she met Allan Gore, who worked as a teaching assistant. In 1970, they began dating and eventually married. After their first daughter was born, Betty became a high school teacher in Collin County.

Candy Montogmery lived next door to Betty and Allan. The two neighbors were good friends who spent much of their time together. Things became tense when Betty found out that Candy was having an affair with her husband. Betty confronted Candy about their affair, which resulted in a confrontation and the event.

Allan asked his next-door neighbor, Richard Parker, to check on Betty one fateful evening in June 1980, and Parker discovered her dead with 41 ax wounds. Her head and torso were horribly mutilated, and a three-foot-long wood-handled ax was recovered nearby. Candy was apprehended after her footprints and fingerprints were discovered on the crime scene.

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Where Is Betty Gore Husband Alan Gore Now?

In January 1970, Betty and Alan Gore were married in a small but lovely ceremony; they basically committed forever in their early 20s. Their youth or social status made little difference to them, largely since they were not only in love but also didn’t believe in divorce as a viable alternative.

While settling down in Collin County, Texas, the couple welcomed two gorgeous girls into their lives, but their suburban marriage was not always sunshine and roses. Still, the pair did their best to keep working on improving their relationship so that time did not take its toll on their fee.

According to multiple reports, Allan remarried during the brief period between Betty’s death and Candy’s trial. He also lost custody of his two daughters to his late wife’s parents. He quickly strayed away from them, but based on the now-Facebook divorced’s account, they appear to be in touch again, which is all that matters.

Furthermore, it appears that Allan is now retired in Sarasota, Florida, and is blissfully involved in a “domestic partnership” with someone completely different.

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Betty Gore Age At Death 

Betty Gore was 30 years old when she was brutally killed. 

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