Who Was The Woman In The Sexual Assault Case At Hockey Canada? Parties Involved And The Settlement

Who Was The Woman In The Sexual Assault Case At Hockey Canada? Parties Involved And The Settlement

The Woman In The Hockey Canada Sexual Assault Case

The Woman In The Hockey Canada Sexual Assault Case

Legislators criticized Hockey Canada executives on Monday for how they handled a sexual assault allegation that occurred four years ago and led to a lawsuit that was settled last month.

The statement that it would reopen an inquiry into the alleged sexual assault of members of the country’s 2018 world junior team was made in an open letter to Canadians.

Who Was The Woman In The Sexual Assault Case At Hockey Canada?

A woman who alleged team members sexually abused her won her lawsuit against Hockey Canada. The women’s identities, however, remained a secret, and no accusation has been substantiated in court.

Smith and Tom Renney, the departing CEO of Hockey Canada, were held by federal officials in Ottawa when word of the alleged event spread. The Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage in Ottawa requested testimony from the CEO and president.

Similarly, the federal government decided to stop funding the national organization since some of the interviews did not convince them. Several businesses followed suit and withdrew their sponsorships from the group while police looked into the incident.

In response, Hockey Canada acknowledged in its letters that many of the steps it had taken should have been taken earlier and more quickly. They acknowledge their mistake and promise to improve in order to fulfill their obligations to Canadians.

In response to the accusations, Hockey Canada declared that all participants in its high-performance program, including players, coaches, and volunteers, must successfully complete sexual assault and consent training.

Players From Hockey Canada Accused Of Sexual Assault And Other Parties

After a Hockey Canada gala in 2018, the lady alleged that eight players, including members of the national junior team, had sexually assaulted her.

In April, she filed a complaint against the group, the CHL, and eight players, though she did not specifically name them. In May, Hockey Canada reached a settlement.

As reported by The Athletic The alleged victim, Katie Strang, claimed that she first met John Doe 1 at a bar and that they then proceeded to his hotel room where they had intercourse. Then, without the plaintiff’s knowledge or approval, John Doe 1 invited the other John Doe defendants to enter the room.

She added that the group’s actions “amounted to sexual abuse and assault as a whole” in addition to other things.

Following learning of the event, Hockey Canada allegedly got in touch with police enforcement. All participants will be expected to take part in this ongoing investigation, which will be overseen by an impartial third party.

What was the settlement cost for Hockey Canada?

The woman who submitted the claim is asking for almost $3.55 million in compensation. She also pursued legal action against the other parties involved, including the Canadian Hockey League.

An impartial adjudicative panel of present and former judges will decide the appropriate sanctions, which may include a lifetime ban from all Hockey Canada activities, both on and off the ice, once the investigation—conducted by the same Toronto law firm engaged in 2018—is finished.

Sports Minister St-Onge said last month that the government would only pay the national organization again after getting a formal report from a third party.

In addition, Hockey Canada acknowledged in a letter that more needs to be done to address the conduct of some members of the 2018 National Junior Team and to eradicate the poisonous culture in our sport.

He continued, “We truly apologize and acknowledge that more needs to be done to address the behaviors, both on and off the ice, that undercut the many wonderful things that the game delivers to our country and run counter to what Canadians want hockey to be.”

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