Who Was Tanhee Shanks? Australian Missing Woman Daughter Reunited With Family In Mexico, Age, Family & More!

A mother went missing and her daughter as well and the child went missing overnight. The reunion was very emotional, and the missing case incident took place in Mexico. A missing case alarm was raised by Queensland police last week. The family reunion happened when the toddler was found roaming in a church. Police said that they had no idea how the daughter and mother got separated from each other, but a warning has been issued against the father. Tahnee Shanks is an American woman who lived with her boyfriend and a toddler(girl). She was on a vocational trip with her family in Mexico when her daughter went missing and was found in a church in Cancun. When they got separated, only the girl was found. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Was Tanhee Shanks?

Who Was Tanhee Shanks?

So police officials declared a missing alert in which they said Mexican Authorities on the Caribbean Coast are giving out a missing alert of a girl whose 2year old toddler is found near the church at Cancun. People were asked to report if they find anyone related to or searching for the toddler. Shanks was originally from Australia. The 32-year-old woman vanished in Mexico. Then she was never spotted, after that, her family moved to Mexico as they had faith to hunt her down. They spent nearly two days in the unknown city to find her. The family was very emotional in finding out about the toddler and they said they are thankful to everyone for the help and a bit of donation they gave out for the toddler.

Australian Woman Missing In Mexico,

The toddler’s aunt said that she was very happy to be united with her, and she will do her bit to find out the mother. The man Tahnee came with was her boyfriend, Aguirre Estudio. They were in a relationship and Adelytnn was their only child. According to sources they all were out on a vacation and they were parted from each other, but only the toddler was found. There was no sign of the child’s parents. Mexican police issued a warning against the father as he was missing too.

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The main reason behind the warning was, that Tahnee’s brother gave out a statement that she was planning to go back to Australia as there were some problems in their relations. She had all her documents and was on an urge to leave. The father was suspected in the case and the missing woman’s case is filed. When there will be more information out, we will be updated.

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