Who Was Susan Sweetman? New Jersey Skydiver Died Last Year On Skydiving Accident

Professional skydiver Susan Sweetman was from New Jersey. She was skydiving in Hendry County when she was killed last year in an accident.

Recent skydiving in Florida for a 65-year-old woman ended tragically when she encountered mechanical issues in freefall.

According to WINK, authorities identified Susan Sweetman, a New Jersey native, from the remains. She was discovered on the grounds of Airglades Airport in Hendry County on Saturday afternoon after witnesses indicated that she struggled with her parachute while jumping.

Owner of Skydive Spaceland claims that when Sweetman did the unfortunate jump, she was an experienced skydiver and was using her equipment.

Susan Sweetman

Susan Sweetman

Who Was Susan Sweetman? New Jersey Skydiver

Skydiver Susan Sweetman, a native of New Jersey, is known as “The Swiss Army knife of skydiving.” She was a world-class skydiver, equally skilled in competition and fun jumps.

Sue, who was 65 years old, had registered 6790 last jumps, making her an extremely active skydiver. The company also reported that her equipment appeared to be in good working condition.

Sadly, she had a skydiving mishap and her parachute failed, which led to her death. The event was reported by her former skydiving partner’s acquaintance.

Sue Sweetman, a skilled skydiver from Hainesport, New Jersey, perished in an accident on her second jump of the day on January 15, according to Skydive Spaceland Clewiston.

They added that she had problems with her primary parachute “after a successful, uneventful 7-person drop.” She dropped her backup parachute relatively low to the ground without opening it. Weather had no bearing.

Susan Sweetman Died Last Year In Skydiving Accident

Susan Sweetman’s death from a skydiving mishap in Hendry County last year made headlines.

She gained notoriety when she died in Hendry County following a skydiving accident. She was well-known in the skydiving world. WINK News spoke with a man who jumped next to her and saw what happened.

Gregg Flowers asserted Susan had what skydivers refer to as “Line twists.” That suggests that as she tugged the parachute lines, they were twisted, preventing the parachute from fully opening.

Flowers argued that timing is important and that this time there wasn’t enough. Sadly, Susan passed away as a result of the reason, and her family and friends are now in mourning.

Flowers claimed that Sweetman was pleading for help as he was falling. I prayed to the Lord to keep her safe and to help her since she was below a point where she could do anything.

Susan Sweetman Obituary And Death Cause On Web

Over the course of the past year after Susan Sweetman’s passing, her family has received numerous obituary entries and tributes from her close friends and family.

According to the United States Skydiving Association, more than 3 million jumps will have taken place at skydiving sites across the country by the year 2020. During this time, 11 deaths were recorded by the organisation.

Many important questions remained unanswered after Sweetman’s death, including why the lines were so twisted that she was unable to straighten them.

Even yet, Sweetman will typically be known for starting things rather than finishing them too late. Flowers, a 13-time national competitor, claimed to have taken home awards including the USPA national skydiving title.

Rick Hornsby, the owner of Skydive Spaceland, where Sweetman was skydiving at the time of her demise, spoke with WINK News. He said he wasn’t in the right frame of mind to do an interview.

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