Who Was Michael Slobodian? Suicide After Brampton Centennial High School Massacre Parents

The perpetrator of the 1975 rampage, the first significant school shooting in the United States or Canada, was Michael Slobodian.

At the age of 16, Slobodian shot and murdered a classmate, the teacher, and himself while injuring 13 others. On May 28, 2022, 47 years will have passed since the school shooting at Brampton Centennial Secondary School (BCSS) on May 28, 1975.

For the BCSS students, the shooting day began as a typical spring day.

Michael Slobodian

Michael Slobodian

Who Was Michael Slobodian?

A 16-year-old student at Brampton Centennial Secondary School, Michael Slobodian.

He was the youngest of four children in an unbroken household, according to the Research Gate. Dona, Gary, and Mark, two brothers, and Dona, one of his sister, were his childhood playmates.

Michael, who went by the moniker Priest, was a good-natured, quiet child, according to a classmate. Peter, a close friend of Slobodian, was there the night before the assault.

He felt both good and bad about Margaret Wright, according to the study. A 16-year-old student who apparently excelled academically and was intelligent yet frequently skipped class.

With his brothers, the young child played guitar and drums in a band and loved folk music, among other things.

Michael Slobodian Suicide After Brampton High School Massacre

The first school shooting in Canada, the Brampton High School Massacre, was committed by Michael Slobodian.

On May 28, 1975, Slobodian opened fire in the boys’ lavatory, killing his English instructor Margaret and fellow student John Slinger in the art room and injuring 13 other pupils.

Slobodian attended his first two classes of the day but skipped the third. His 25-year-old English instructor Margaret Wright called home to let his parents know he had missed class.

He returned to school at 11:30 a.m. with his guitar bag concealed with a.444 caliber and a.22 caliber rifle. Slobodian and his father hunted with these permissible firearms.

In a bathroom off the art hallway, Slobodian loaded his weapons and started fire. The majority of people were unable to comprehend what was happening, and some students and bystanders mistakenly believed that the shooting noises were fireworks.

Wright reportedly chastised his work in front of the class, according to the reports. His mental health may have been impacted by this occurrence, which may have caused the incident.

Michael Slobodian Parents & Family

Michae Slobodian was born into a healthy family and set of parents.

Along with him, his family consisted of six members. Unfortunately, there is no additional information available regarding his family history or the specifics of his parents.

Before the massacre, Michael and his father were familiar with weapons and gun shootings. They frequently went hunting, and they had kept rifles in the basement of the Sobodian residence.

Michael revealed to his mother that he had been skipping classes and discussed the phone call with her after leaving the class. He wrote a note before the shooting in which he stated that marijuana was his life and that he had to remove some individuals from this earth.

Even though his mother knew he had been skipping class, she felt justified in murdering the teacher who had reported him.

Along with Mr. Bronson and Mrs. Wright, he named everyone else who gets in his way. He failed to find Mr. Bronson, though. Slobodian felt free to act whenever he pleased and resisted any limitations on his behavior due to the psychopathic trait.

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