Who Killed Zack Tv? 5 Shooters Were Arrested With Murder Charges

Zack Tv died after a ruthless shooting in Chicago that cost his life. Following the case, the five shooters have recently been arrested for his murder, as mentioned by the Youtuber FYB J MANE. 

The shooters’ personal identity is yet to be out at the moment. However, with the officers looking after the case, his followers might be able to get more updates on the matter soon. 

Zack died after the injuries of getting shot in his neck and head. Soon after, he got rushed to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital but couldn’t survive and lost his life to severe injuries. 

The witness confirmed to WGN that many people got into the third car and fled from the scene. The tragedy occurred on Printers Row, Chicago, between Harrison and Polk streets. 

After getting multiple shots and injuries, his jeep hit the light pole, then caused an accident. Nevertheless, with the tireless investigation of the team, his shooters have been identified in the present day. 

Although the officers have yet to give more information on the case, the attackers’ pictures got released over social media platforms. 

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