Who Is Vern Nolin Chuckwagon Driver? Meet Wife Lisa Bensmiller

Due to his participation in Chuckwagon racing, Vern Nolin has recently been in the news online. Chuckwagon racing is a type of equestrian rodeo in which a team of Thoroughbred horses pulls a chuckwagon around a track.

Nolin began his racing career in 2000 with wagons and has since garnered a number of honors and titles, including the Ponoka Stampede in 2018 and the Equine Outfit of Excellence Awards.

Similar to that, he has participated numerous times in the Calgary Stampede’s semifinal and championship dashes. Nolin admits that his prior experience as a professional chuckwagon racer helped him prepare for his outstanding volunteer work.

The dedication, time commitment, and teamwork needed to successfully manage a team of horses, outriders, and support staff have laid the groundwork.

And while he has yet to triumph in the chuckwagon competition at the Calgary Stampede, he recognizes some deeper parallels.

Vern Nolin Wife Lisa Bensmiller

Vern Nolin Wife Lisa Bensmiller

Who Is Vern Nolin Chuckwagon Driver?

Vern Nolin is known for driving the Chuckwagon in racing. Crowbourne claims that he started driving chariots at the age of 14, moved on to driving pony carts at 16, and then started driving big wagons at the age of 27.

After winning the Canadian Championship, High Point, and the Lloydminster Show, Nolin became the first driver to win the Triple Crown. Vern was able to compete in the championship dash’s final four at the 2015 Calgary Stampede.

He has won the Wainwright Championship three times, twice at Meadow Lake, and four times in Canada.

Five-time Dewberry Champion and 2009 Yorkton & St. Walburg Champion.

Vern Nolin Wife Lisa Bensmiller

Due to her marriage to Vern Nolin, Lisa Bensmiller gained notoriety. She prefers a low-key existence nonetheless, and she keeps her personal information hidden, like other spouses of celebrities.

However, Vern claimed in an interview that his wife Lisa pulls a four-horse mini-semi. Six children were born to the couple. Vern is well known for having solely bay horses in his barn.

An athlete, his spouse Lisa, and their kids Brett, Brendan, Cruise, Paynton, and Madelyn moved to Dewberry in 2013 from Rapid View, Saskatchewan. Since then, they have built a new horse barn and are constructing a new house.

Lisa is a kind wife who constantly supports her husband’s desire to become a professional horse driver. So Vern never held back from congratulating her wife for a job well done.

Vern’s social media posts featuring his wife and kids give the impression that his private life is more intriguing.

Vern Nolin Family And Children

On March 1, 1973, loving and devoted parents gave birth to Vern Nolin. When Vern was old enough, it was only natural for him to take over from his father, who had been the wagon driver. In 2000, a sportsperson began pulling a large wagon. In the same way as his father, he went into the field of professional driving.

Vern and his wife have a total of seven children. Madelyn, Brett, August, Sienna, Paynton, Cruise, and Brendan are the names of his children.

When you add his wife, Lisa Bensmiller, and their seven kids, Nolin and his family have had a significant impact in Dewberry and neighbouring Marwayne – about 30 minutes northwest of Lloydminster – over the past ten years.

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