Who Is Sheila Seleoane Medical Secretary Found Dead After Two Years In London Flat, Biography, Age, Job, Cause Of Death, News

61-year-old Sheila Seleoane died mysteriously and her death went unnoticed for 2 years, know more about the medical secretary who was found dead in London

Now her death is going to be investigated.

Tragic new information has come to light regarding the death of a lady whose corpse lay unnoticed in a London apartment for more than two years.

Know Who Is Sheila Seleoane Medical Secretary Found Dead After Two Years In London Flat, Biography, Age, Job, Cause Of Death, News

Sheila Seleoane, who died in her home two years ago is going to be the subject of an investigation on Thursday, which will examine the circumstances surrounding her terrible death and result in an independent report that will examine how her death stayed unreported for such a long time.

Since this news went public, it went viral on the internet due to the unusuality of the news. On various social media platforms, many people are talking about her and speculating about how she died.

While many people think that she might die from natural death, some people speculate that she might get murdered. She has become the talk of the town. So, let’s find out more about her and her death:

Who Was Sheila Seleoane?

Sheila Seleoane was a woman who died tragically two years ago and her death has recently gone viral because her body was found 2 years ago.

She was 61 years old when she died. At the time of her death, she was living in her house in Peckham, South London. She belonged to South Cape Town.

Reportedly, she had a sister named Julia Bella Brooms and an older brother named Victor Seleoane who was living in South Africa.

Reportedly, she died in the year 2019. Her skeletal remains were found on the sofa of her living room in her house. According to her neighbour Ms Bent, who lived in the same corridor on the 4th floor of the building in Lord’s Court, Peckham, Seleoane’s body was found close to deflated pink party balloons.

How Come People Came To Know About Her Death?

The Daily Mail reported that immediately after her death, neighbours noticed the odour of rotting flesh. According to reports, the flats next door were infested with maggots. Neighbours also claimed hearing flies buzzing inside her apartment and seeing them emerge from behind her door.

However, they stated that the smell and the fly and maggot infestation were all dismissed as a “drain issue” and that the problem was never fully resolved. The neighbours claimed that when the building was on lockdown, nobody would come to check.

According to neighbour Ayesha Smith, the housing association was informed at least 50 times before anything was done. In 2020, neighbours became more concerned as her mail began to pile up and a forced entry letter for a routine gas check arrived at her door.

Soon after, when a bike was left in front of her house, the neighbours once more complained when it wasn’t removed.

When the concerns had been expressed about the well-being of a lady who resided at the property, residents told Met Police about her. Officers arrived at her home and forcibly entered. Inside was discovered the dead body of a 61-year-old lady.

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