Who Is She? Protective Order Filed by Aj Ferrari’s Oklahoma State Wrestler Girlfriend

Ashtin Marie Martinez: Who Is She? Protective Order Filed by Aj Ferrari’s Oklahoma State Wrestler Girlfriend

Ashtin Marie Martinez

Ashtin Marie Martinez

Ashtin Marie Martinez, the girlfriend of AJ Ferrari, an Oklahoma State wrestler who won the national title, went 20-1 that season, finished 30-1 during his time there, and finished 30-1 overall, has issued a protective order against him.

Due to growing claims of sexual assault, Oklahoma State wrestler AJ Ferrari has been fired from the Cowboy wrestling team.

Until today, there had been no formal announcement on his release, which might have occurred as early as July 1 or as late as July 11.

Who is Ashtin Marie Martinez, AJ Ferrari’s girlfriend?

The Stillwater News Press reported that on July 5, Ashtin Marie Martinez asked for a restraining order against Ferrari. Although her details are currently private, we do know that she was Aj Ferrari’s girlfriend.

The Stillwater, Oklahoma Police Department then named the wrestler as a suspect in a sexual assault investigation. The Stillwater criminal investigation team is currently investigating into the matter.

Derek Chance, Ferrari’s attorney, asserts that AJ is innocent of the charges leveled against him.

It is rumored that a student-athlete might be singled out for criticism, particularly if they are elite competitors. AJ is helping the police and is confident that the truth will eventually surface. Although he loved his time at Oklahoma State, he and the university agreed that a change was required.

Does Aj Ferrari Have a Sexual Assault Arrest?

There have been no criminal charges filed, according to the Payne County District Attorney’s office.

EPOs do not come to us or through us unless they have been violated. Although we haven’t received any criminal complaints for consideration, a law enforcement agency is presumably looking into the claims if they were made public. Debra Vincent is a Payne County assistant district attorney, according to the News-Press.

Our Criminal Investigations Unit is currently investigating the issue, according to the press release. SPD is dedicated to thoroughly investigating these circumstances. After the investigation is complete, the file will be given to the Payne County District Attorney’s Office for consideration of filing charges.

Protective Order Issued Against Oklahoma State Wrestler Aj Ferrari’s Girlfriend

AJ Ferrari, a national champion wrestler for Oklahoma State, has had an emergency protective order placed against him. John Smith had fired Ferrari from the team, according to a statement Oklahoma State released on Wednesday.

A Stillwater lady asked for an immediate protective order on July 5, and Judge Katherine Thomas granted her request that same day. Ferrari, an NCAA champion in 2020 who missed the most of the previous season due to a car accident, will have a hearing on a full protective order on July 18.

Ferrari’s two younger siblings are both regarded recruits. Anthony, a part of the Cowboys’ 2022 recruiting class, wasn’t officially included on the roster. And Angelo, a sophomore this past season at Stillwater High School, was expected to sign a letter of intent to wrestle for Oklahoma State after winning his first state championship there, even if he hadn’t yet done so.

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