Who Is She? Disease and Condition Explained by Canadian Author At Our Daily Bread

Xochitl Dixon: Who Is She? Disease and Condition Explained by Canadian Author At Our Daily Bread

Xochitl Dixon

Xochitl Dixon

Speaker and regular contributor to Our Daily Bread, Xochitl Dixon. By making “the life-changing wisdom of the Bible simple and approachable to all,” she shares God’s love and truth with people all over the world.

She enjoys God and people, has a heart for contemplative prayer, and promotes spiritual development via worship, Bible study, and application. She cheerfully acknowledges both our distinctions and our shared traits among God’s diverse people.

The anthologies Revell’s Second-Chance Dogs, All God’s Creatures by Guideposts, and God Hears Her, Moments of Peace for Moms, What Really Matters, and God Sees Her by Our Daily Bread all contain her writing.

Does Xochitl Dixon Have a Disease That Affects Her?

Xochitl Dixon sustained an upper back injury in 1992, and she has experienced chronic pain and fatigue ever since.

Her upper back, shoulders, and neck muscles are tight and painfully contracted, causing headaches and restricting her movement. Callie is what Dixon refers to as her service dog.

When she experiences flare-ups, Callie helps her maintain her balance, picks up items Dixon drops, and offers pressure relief and mental support. She also supports Xochiti while working on literary projects and giving speeches.

Who is the husband of Xochitl Dixon?

Dr. W. Alan Dixon Sr. is the author and Xochitl Dixon’s husband. This Wisconsin native moved back there with her husband Alan in 2018 after listening to God’s leading.

Xochitl enjoys going on adventures with her service dog Callie and encourages the Tails for Life team to train service dogs for children with special needs. Xochitl struggles daily with chronic pain and weariness as a result of a back injury she suffered in 1992.

She likes spending time with her loved ones and the boys, AJ and Xavier, as well as singing, reading, taking pictures, and interacting with readers on www.xedixon.com.

More About the Life of Xochitl Dixon

Xochitl Dixon, a writer for the international devotional Our Daily Bread Ministries, wanted to write a book about a varied group of kids and Callie, the guide dog, as they worked together to produce a fish kite.

The book has frequently held the #1 spot among recently published works in Amazon’s Children’s Christian Social Issues category.

The book’s launch party was held on July 25 at the Reach Out Bookstore and Solid Grounds Cafe in Fond du Lac, located at 221 N. Peters Ave. At the launch party, more than 40 people heard Dixon read from the book, posed for photos with Callie, and pre-ordered more than 75 copies.

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