Who Is Sarah Rickman? Meet The Cast Of Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

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In the upcoming movie Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, Sarah Rickman plays the part of Cynthia. Before this, she played a Psychiatrist in the short film “In the dark,” which came out in 2018.

Anthony Fabian is in charge of both making and directing the upcoming historical comedy-drama film Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. He also wrote the screenplay with Carroll Cartwright, Olivia Hetreed, and Keith Thompson.

Who Is Sarah Rickman?

Sarah Richman is a beautiful actress who has recently been in the news because she will be in the 2022 movie Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, which is set to come out in theaters in the United States on July 15, 2022.

It is the third movie version of Paul Gallico’s novel Mrs. Arris Goes to Paris, which came out in 1958. Sarah will be in the play with Lesley Manville, Lambert Wilson, Lucas Bravo, Ellen Thomas, Jason Isaacs, Alba Baptista, and others.

The movie tells the story of a widowed housekeeper in London in the 1950s. The woman falls in love with a couture Dior dress and decides she has to have one. She then works, goes hungry, and plays games of chance to make money so she can follow her dream.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Cast – Wikipedia Bio Sarah Rickman Age

By the way she looks and acts, Sarah Rickman seems to be somewhere in her 40s. Since the actress hasn’t told anyone her actual birthday, only guesses can be made about how old she is.

The @SarahRickman_ handle on her Twitter account shows that the Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris actress lives in London. She joined Twitter in September 2017 and has posted 4,418 tweets so far.

In the movie Revulsion, which came out in 2018, Sarah played Emma. According to her Twitter bio, she is also a writer and works with the talent management company Mostyn & Cross.

The husband and children of the actress Sarah Rickman

Sarah Rickman is married and is very proud of her kids. In her Twitter bio, the actress also said that she was a mother. She hasn’t told us much about her husband and children, though.

Sarah used Instagram on September 22, 2021, to celebrate her 14th wedding anniversary. The happy actress posted a picture of herself in a beautiful wedding dress with the words “14 years of laughter” written under it.

Meet Sarah Rickman’s Family

Sarah Rickman and her family are living a happy life right now. But she seems to be a quiet person who doesn’t like to talk about her family. Because of this, not much is known about her family history.

She likes to work with other people on new plays and movies. Sarah becomes interested, especially when she sees that the story is about women over 35. She is a naturalistic actor who can do both serious and funny roles.

Also, it is known that the actress has passports from both the UK and the EU. In the movie Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, starring Jason Isaacs and Lesley Manville, she will play Cynthia, a party girl, in July.

How much does Sarah Rickman have in the bank?

Sarah Rickman must have made a good amount of money from her work as an actress and writer. So far, she hasn’t told anyone how much she makes or how much she’s worth. According to her IMDb profile, she has been in 7 movies as an actress.

In 2001, she played an assistant in the drama film Crush, which was her first time on TV. In the 2014 movie A Little Chaos, Sarah played a court lady after a long break.

Sarah also joined Flux Gym in 2019 and stayed there until 2021. She has also taken short courses in Advanced Intensive and Advanced Shakespeare, Greek Theater, Advanced Realist Theatre, and Meisner.

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