Who Is Rosa Yolanda Millsap? Trent William Millsap Sister

Trent William Millsap’s sister, Rosa Yolanda Millsap, is the main suspect in the NASCAR driver Bobby East’s slaying.

Trent is suspected of killing Bobby East, a NASCAR driver.

Bobby East, also known as Robert John East, was killed last week at a service station in Southern California. Officers were called to a 76 gas station, where they discovered East critically hurt, according to the Westminster Police Department. The racer was still alive at the scene despite having a serious chest injuries. The 37-year-old finally passed away from his wounds in a nearby hospital.

Millsap, the man accused of killing Bobby, was later slain by police during a standoff. Trent passed away when he was 27 years old.

Rosa Yolanda Millsap

Rosa Yolanda Millsap

Trent William Millsap Sister: Is Rosa Yolanda Millsap A Suspect In Bobby East Stabbing?

Rosa Yolanda Millsap is the sister of Bobby East’s murderer, a homeless man who was the case’s top suspect. She is not associated with the case in any way and her identity is unknown.

Yolanda recently wrote a touching post about her brother, describing how he had passed away the previous evening and how she couldn’t believe her devoted brother had deserted her.

Several stories claim that Trent passed away during the SWAT operation. He was accused of killing a prominent NASCAR racer at a service station in Southern California on Wednesday.

Police responded quickly to a complaint about the crime and found Robert John East in a severe condition. He was tragically stabbed and passed away at the local hospital.

After learning that Trent was in an apartment in Anaheim, California, police searched for him. The culprit in a terrible crime died after a gunfight with the police.

Rosa Yolanda Wiki & Age

Rosa Yolanda appears to be in her 30s, based on how she looks.

The precise date is not known, though. Following the revelation of his involvement in Bobby East’s murder, her brother’s story grabbed headlines.

His numerous tattoos on his face gave the impression that he was a tough guy.

Before killing Bobby, he was intended to assault someone else. In July, while the police began looking for her brother with search warrants, he was shot and died.

Police Okay-9 purchased one non-life-threatening bullet wound despite the fact that no policemen were hurt. The Westminster Police Department claims that

Motels in Westminster, Garden Grove, and Anaheim were Millsap’s residences.

Rosa Yolando Millsap Facebook

Rosa Yolanda Millsap, who goes by Rosa Yolando Millsap, can be found on Facebook (Baby-Swagg).

Her cover photo and profile picture are images of her kids. She is the mother of two daughters and one son, the oldest.

She is shown to be unmarried on her Facebook profile, but she is also the mother of three adorable children. Rose currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, but she is originally from Kansas City, Missouri. She is employed with Recover Health as a home health aide (HHA).

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Yolanda also enjoys dancing, eating, and cooking a lot. As a result, she has posted numerous recipes on her Facebook site. Her kids are cute, and she has a wonderful relationship with them.

She has shown her kids a lot of love and devotion, as evidenced by her social media posts. She also has a sizable number of fans who are constantly appreciative of her.

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