Who Is Raheel Ahmad From Georgia? Sania Khan Photographer Shooting

Raheel Ahmad from Georgia shot his former photographer wife, Sania Khan, in Chicago. He later shot himself to death. 

Sania was a 29 years old photographer and college graduate who worked as a flight attendant. She was looking forward to a fresh start following her divorce from her ex-husband, Raheel Ahmad.

However, Raheel had other plans. He reportedly tracked Khan to end her life and his as well, destroying multiple lives in a day. 

Raheel Ahmad from Georgia is the identified suspect in the Sania Khan Chicago shooting case.

According to reports, Raheel traveled from Georgia to Chicago to shoot his former wife on Monday afternoon. Later, she shot himself before the police could take him under arrest.

At first, the authorities had actually arrived at Sania’s condominium to check on Ahmad as he was reported missing by his relatives. However, when they knocked on the door, they heard a single gunshot.

The officers had no choice but to enter the condo forcefully. Once inside, they were shocked to see unresponsive Sania near the door with a gunshot injury to the back of her head. She was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Meanwhile, Ahmad was also discovered in the bedroom with a gunshot in his head. Though he was immediately rushed to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, he later died in the hospital. 

Sania Khan was a photographer

Khan had an avid passion for photography with more than 14 years of experience in the industry. As a high schooler, she developed an interest in cameras and later turned it into a full-time profession. 

Likewise, the photographer also had a dual bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies and psychology. She attended the University of Tennessee and graduated from the college in 2016.

Despite all her professional success, Khan recently faced personal trouble due to her separation from her husband. She was open in Tiktok about her struggles of being a South Asian woman and the stigma of divorce in the community. 

Raheel Ahmad was 36 years old age man. He separated from Sania last winter, and the official divorce was finalized in May. Since then, recently, single Raheel Ahmad lived with his family in the Atlanta Suburb.

It appears like Ahmad didn’t take the divorce very well. The initial reports show the reason for homicide-suicide as domestic disputes. On the other hand, Ahmad’s family has not commented on the situation yet.  

As this is still a developing story, neither Raheel Ahmad nor Sania Khan has a Wikipedia page. People have filled social media with Sania Khan’s obituary following her horrific death.

Apparently, the photographer was planning to return her home and start fresh. Friends 

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