Who Is Raheel Ahmad From Georgia? Sania Khan Photographer Shooting

Sania Khan, a former photographer and the wife of Raheel Ahmad of Georgia, was killed in Chicago. Later, he killed himself with a gun.

Sania was a flight attendant who was 29 years old, a photographer, and a graduate of college. She was anticipating a new beginning after divorcing her ex-husband, Raheel Ahmad.

Raheel, however, had other ideas. According to reports, he pursued Khan in order to take both their lives in the same day.

Sania Khan

Sania Khan

Chicago Shooting: Who Is Raheel Ahmad From Georgia?

In the Sania Khan shooting case in Chicago, the suspect has been named as Raheel Ahmad from Georgia.

Raheel reportedly drove from Georgia to Chicago on Monday afternoon to kill his ex-wife. Later, before the authorities could place him under custody, she shot herself.

Initially, the police had gone to Sania’s flat to see if Ahmad was okay after his family reported him missing. They heard a single gunshot, though, as they rapped on the door.

The only option left to the officers was to forcefully enter the condo. They were astonished to discover Sania near the door, not moving, with a gunshot wound to the back of her skull. At the scene, she was pronounced deceased.

Ahmad was additionally found in the bedroom with a gunshot wound to the head. Despite being sent right away to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, he passed away there.

Raheel killed Sania, according to the preliminary inquiry, and then committed suicide. In actuality, a firearm and a suicide note were also found at the scene of the crime.

Sania Khan Was a Photographer

Sania Khan was a Chicago-based photographer. She had lately relocated to the city due to a difficult time with her marriage.

Khan has a strong interest in photography and more than 14 years of professional expertise. She first became interested in cameras as a high school student and then made it her full-time career.

The photographer also has a dual bachelor’s degree in psychology and women’s studies. She attended the University of Tennessee, where she earned a 2016 diploma.

Khan recently experienced personal difficulties as a result of her divorce from her spouse, despite all of her professional achievements. She was candid in Tiktok about the stigma associated with divorce in the community as well as her hardships as a South Asian woman.

Khan and Raheel Recently Finalized Divorce

Raheel Ahmad, a male, was 36 years old. The divorce was officially finalized in May after they divorced formally in the winter of last year. Since that time, Raheel Ahmad has been living alone with his family in an Atlanta suburb.

Ahmad doesn’t seem to have handled the divorce well. Initial reports indicate that domestic problems were the cause of the homicide-suicide. However, Ahmad’s family hasn’t yet responded to the circumstance.

Raheel Ahmad and Sania Khan don’t have Wikipedia pages because this is a growing story. Following Sania Khan’s horrifying passing, people have posted obituaries about her on social media.

It appears that the photographer intended to move back home and start over. Her friends described her as a positive influence who had a creative spirit.

We send each impacted family our sincere sympathy. May they have the fortitude to get through this trying period. I’m grateful.

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