Who is Peter Weir? Ethan Hawke claims Johnny Depp and Russell Crowe ‘broke’ the Australian director, sparks online debate

Ethan Hawke, the star of Moon Knight, recently discussed filmmaker Peter Weir’s career in a conversation with IndieWire. Hawke discussed the possible explanation for why Weir hasn’t produced anything since his 2010 feature The Way Back when promoting his docuseries The Last Movie Stars.

Hawke, who played a character in Weir’s Dead Poets Society from 1989, suggested that actors like Johnny Depp and Russell Crowe might be to blame for the Australian director’s 12-year absence from directing endeavors.

The 51-year-old native of Texas went on to say that he is unsure whether Weir and him would work together on a future project because the former has been inactive in the sector for a considerable amount of time. Hawke and Weir have only collaborated on one film, the Oscar-winning Dead Poets Society, which gave Hawke his big break in the entertainment industry.

This information was revealed concurrently with the news that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences had nominated Weir for an Honorary Oscar. After six nominations, he is scheduled to accept the award in November of this year, making it his first Oscar.

Peter Weir and Ethan Hawke

Peter Weir and Ethan Hawke

Peter Weir’s legacy

Peter Lindsay Weir is an Australian director who is currently in his late 70s. The Truman Show (1992), Green Card (1990), and Dead Poets Society (1989) are among the director’s best-known works (1998).

Since entering the industry in 1967, Peter Weir has only been the director of 30 films. Weir has received more than six Oscar nominations during the course of his four-decade career. The retired filmmaker is scheduled to receive his Honorary Oscar in November 2022, as was previously indicated.

In the meantime, he has received four Golden Globe nominations. Weir is one of the Australian New Wave’s cinematic pioneers, according to the British Film Institute.

What did Ethan Hawke say about Peter Weir?

Ethan Hawke was asked by IndieWire’s Eric Kohn why Peter Weir had not produced a film since The Way Back’s release in 2010.

Hawke’s remark may have alluded to certain internal disputes involving Russell Crowe and Johnny Depp, who either collaborated with Weir or were in negotiations to do so.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, an Oscar-winning 2003 film directed by an Australian, starring Crowe. While it is unknown exactly what transpired during the film’s production, Crowe implied in a reaction from the beginning of 2021 that he and Weir do not have a history of animosity. But neither of them has ever given a definitive answer to the debate.

Shantaram, a Peter Weir adaptation of Gregory David Roberts’ novel, was set to star Johnny Depp. The Sydney native, however, was said to have abandoned the project because of creative disagreements in June 2006.

Ethan Hawke, the star of The Black Phone, made more comments about the kinds of actors Weir might choose to collaborate with during his interview.

Ethan Hawke’s accusations regarding Peter Weir’s exit from Hollywood receive response on the internet

Internet reacts to Ethan Hawke’s claims about director Peter Weir’s departure from Hollywood

After hearing about Hawke’s comments, many people pointed out on Twitter that Weir’s retirement was purportedly caused by Johnny Depp. Fans of Weir, on the other hand, opted to acknowledge and enjoy the legacy he has left behind rather than concentrating on the drawbacks.

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