Who Is Michael Shane Bargo? Death Row After Killing Seath Jackson And Details

During his resentencing for the 2011 first-degree murder of Seath Jackson, Michael Shane Bargo received the death penalty. Learn every detail about the murderer and the situation.

On June 23, the Florida Supreme Court issued a decision upholding a lower court’s decision to execute a 29-year-old man, leaving him on death row.

Jackson was allegedly led inside a home where Bargo attacked him before killing him violently. They later burned his body and dispersed the ashes in a rock quarry with water.

Michael Shane Bargo

Michael Shane Bargo

Michael Shane Bargo Wikipedia

On April 29, 1992, Michael Shane Bargo was born in the US. He was 18 years old when the crime was committed.

When he was first detained in 2013, he was recognized as a Caucasian male, age 21. In addition to the murder in 2010, he is also accused of two additional crimes: grand theft and burglary.

Justice Jorge Labarga reconsidered Bargo’s death sentence because he was raised in a “disadvantaged and abusive family” and received incorrect ADHD treatment.

Bargo had a hostile connection with his mother, according to the mitigation presented to the circuit court. Due to his parent’s separation, Bargo was regarded a danger to himself or others.

His development was negatively impacted by the hostility between his mother and father. Since Bargo was smaller than other children his age, he was taunted and bullied during his adolescence. Additionally, he has a stunning sister named Lauren.

Where Is Michael Bargo Now?

Michael Bargo, now 29 years old, is a prisoner at Union Correctional Institution in Florida, according to the website of the California Department of Corrections.

In a 6-1 decision, the justices rejected Michael Shane Bargo’s appeal after his attorneys claimed, among other things, that the circuit court failed to consider his mental state during the trial.

The trial court discovered numerous nonstatutory and two statutory mitigators. In addition to his father abandoning him as a child, Bargo suffered from frontal lobe brain injury, bipolar disease, schizoaffective disorder, complex partial seizure disorder, hallucinations, and impaired control over inhibitions.

The Florida Supreme Court then mandated a second sentencing hearing even though the jury in Bargo’s last trial overwhelmingly favored the death penalty. This was because the verdict was not unanimous. But at a later hearing, Bargo was again unanimously given the death penalty.

Who Was Seath Jackson?

At the time of his passing, Seath Jackson, a local adolescent from Belleview, Florida, was 15 years old. According to his parents, he was “popular with the females” and was upbeat, amiable, humorous, and intelligent.

Seath started dating Amber Wright, 15, a classmate from high school. But after a certain period of time, their bond seems to start to falter. After learning that Amber had been dating Michael Bargo, a teenager, Jackson accused her of cheating on him on his Facebook page.

On the evening of April 17, 2011, Amber Wright took Seath Jackson to the home of co-defendant Charlie Ely at the request of then-18-year-old Bargo so that Bargo, Kyle Hooper, and Justin Soto could ambush and kill Jackson.

Bargo planned to keep the victim alive after the initial assault so that he could kill him and the victim would know who killed him before he died.

While the victim was still in the bathroom, Bargo punched him, yelled at him, and kept shooting at him. Finally, Bargo fired a fatal shot into the victim’s face. The victim’s body was then transported by Bargo and Soto to Ely’s fire pit, where they started a fire.

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