Who is McPlayGT? What Happened With Him TikTok Star Stabbed In Neck in New York City

A shocking piece of news is coming forward that the TikTok star Michael Chen, popularly known as McPlayGT, was attacked by a stranger. McPlay became the witness of the unprovoked attack on Saturday, March 12, 2022. Reportedly, the Asian-American was out with his girlfriend Claire, known as Umitsclaire, and some of his female friends. While the group was exiting the restaurant around 1:00 AM, a man tried to initiate a conversation with them. Chen stated that he felt a sharp object hit him just a few seconds after they left the man to go forward to their destination.

Who is McPlayGT? What Happened With Him TikTok Star Stabbed In Neck in New York City

As Micheal started bleeding after getting attacked with a sharp object, he was rushed to Bellevue Hospital where he reportedly got five or more stitches. Taking to Instagram, Michael Chen posted a video. The TikTok star shared the story where he almost died. He wrote in the caption that a full video on YT will be out soon and more angles of the incident. Talking about Chen, he is a successful creator on TikTok where he mainly posts prank videos along with other content.

The teenager started creating content at the age of 11 only. At that time, he was still in sixth grade. Micheal Chen began his YouTube journey where he posted storytimes and daily vlogs. Chen started getting steady growth on the platform and needless to say it was overwhelming for him. As he established his name on YouTube, he decided to branch out to Twitch. However, his journey on the said platform was not as successful as he had expected.

After not getting that much attention on Twitch, Chen created an account on TikTok. To add, he was encouraged by a friend to do so. Fortunately, Chen’s TikTok account, @McPlayGT, blew up. Within some time, he became a well-known face on the platform. Currently, Michael has over 150K and 43K followers on Instagram and YouTube. The teenage star seems very close to his mother as he features her in most of his prank videos.

Let us also add that McPlayGT stands for Michael Chen plays Growtopia. Known for his friendly personality and cute smile, the TikToker was born on May 25, 2004. It is expected that he has a net worth of between $1-5 million. Talking about the incident, Chen stated that he was helping nine girls out of a place and was going to another location in NYC. He added that the racism could be the reason for the attack as his friends heard the stranger call him an Asian Slur.

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