Who Is Marcus Brooks On This Is Us?

The show’s new character, Marcus Brooks, is a young scientific researcher on the show.

While his impact on the Pearson family has not had a big role in the show, his father was somehow related to Jack. Marcus and his family were caught in a house fire accident.

Marcus has severely injured by accident and was rushed to the hospital. During his treatment, Marcus’s father met Jack in the hospital. Jack was full of motivation to raise the spirit of Marcus’s father.

Jack mentioned an idiom of turning lemon into lemonade, which later became Brooks’s family motto. Eventually, Marcus was saved from the dreadful incident.

Presently, Jack is busy researching on finding drugs to cure cancer. According to elitedaily, the researcher presumably may have found the cure for Alzheimer’s.

Character Meaning And Significance Explained On The Show

Marcus Brooks is a character that justifies the real meaning of life. 

He has been affected by different people throughout the journey of his life. All the unpleasant event during his childhood has made him the man he is now.

The newly announced character was rumored to be the boyfriend of Deja. The rumors were first speculated on the show after her pregnancy. She mentioned that her partner is studying medicine and works all the time.

The rumor was later clarified false as Malik announced the show’s partner. However, the medically inclined Marcus has a big significance in the show’s 6th season.

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Plot And Background Story Of The Amazon Prime Show “This Is Us” 

“This Is Us” is an Amazon prime drama series based which closely follows the life of three siblings, Kevin, Kate, and Randall. The three characters are referred to as the “Big Three.”

The show highlights the present events and also uses flashbacks and flashforwards. The show focuses on the drama-filled life of the three characters.

All three of the siblings now have started their family and live in different locations and time zones. To catch on the further details about the show, watch the exciting show on Amazon’s prime.