Who Is Lindy Elloway? Meet 29 Years Old Lindy Therapist From Married At First Sight

One of the competitors on Marriage At First Sight is Lindy Elloway (series 15). She is ready to settle down and start her new life’s journey.

She wants to meet someone who is ready for a committed relationship, according to her profile on the MAFS website.

She was matched with Miguel because, according to the MAFS expert, he too desired to discover his true love. There is obviously some common ground to work on given that their professional backgrounds are similar.

On July 6, 2022, the new season of the program debuted. On the bright shore of San Diego, four other couples are there in addition to Elloway and Miguel.

Lindy Elloway and Miguel

Lindy Elloway and Miguel

MAFS: Lindy Elloway Age – How Ols Is She?.

New cast of “MAFS” At the moment, Lindy Elloway is 29 years old. Every year on June 16, she gets a greeting for her birthday.

She was born under the Gemini astrological sign in June. She nevertheless earned a bachelor’s degree in health science with a concentration in fitness and wellbeing from Andrews University.

In order to further her education, she enrolled in a physical therapy degree at the Western University of Health Science in August 2015.

She reportedly had a previous young engagement. She joined the show looking for a geeky companion, according to the MAFS Instagram post.

She was also reared in a very religious family, though it is unknown what religion she practices now. She also participates in indoor volleyball, claims LA Sports Net.

Lindy Elloway Job Details

Lindy Elloway is a physical therapist with a practice in San Diego. She has a wide range of experience spanning more than four years, with a focus on balance and arthritic issues.

As of 2022, she had no connection to a hospital. Instead, she collaborated with other doctors and healthcare providers in the organization known as Physical Therapy for Sports G Inc.

The rehabilitation center was founded in 2011 and assembled the top physical therapists to deliver the Bay Area’s finest standard of rehabilitation for orthopedic operations and sports injuries.

Who Are Lindy Elloway Parents?

The Elloway family includes Colleen and Richard S. Elloway as well as Lindy. She lives in Olympia, Washington, with her family.

Her mother attended Fraser Valley Adventists Academy and graduated. Additionally, she is a native of Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Richard, her father, is a gastroenterologist with a Centralia-based practice. He has extensive knowledge of anal and rectum problems and a medical degree.

MAFS Star Lindy Elloway Height

The height of Lindy Elloway is 5 feet, 6 inches (i.e., 167 centimeters). She had bunny teeth, brown eyes, and brunette hair.

Elloway grew up with her brothers Chris A. and Luke Elloway, as well as her sister Candie E. Elloway.

Does Lindy Elloway Have an Instagram Account?

Regrettably, Lindy doesn’t seem to be on Instagram or any other social media. Like every season of “MAFS,” the cast is required to keep their online personas private until the completion of the campaign.

Married couples commonly work for the brand, so if she and Miguel have a happy marriage, there is a good chance her name will be included once the season is over.

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