Who Is Lea Vivier’s Boyfriend? Dating Life Of The Resident Evil Actress

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Lea Vivier is a well-liked South African actress who has impressed tens of thousands of movie fans over the years with her amazing acting in a number of roles. She has also won a number of awards for her acting.

At the Five Continents International Film Festival, she was given an award for being the Best Lead Actress in a Short Film. She also won an award at the Silwerskerm Film Festival for being the best actress.

In the 2017 movie Wanderlus, she played a waitress, which was the start of her acting career in movies. In 2018, she played the part of Jade Smit in the movie Die Kasteel. It was her first time on TV, and people really liked it.

Lea’s acting in movies like The Day We Didn’t Meet (2021), Ludik (2022), Legacy (2022), Die Byl (2022), and Die Sentrum (2022) has wowed both audiences and critics (2021).

Who does Lea Vivier date? Date the actress from “Life of the Dead”

Lea Vivier has been dating her boyfriend, Andre Wilkens, whom she loves very much. But in the years since then, she has told the public a few details about her dating life.

Still, many people want to know about The Resident Evil Actress’s love life. On the other hand, some people think she is now married to Andre Wilkens.

If we look at Lea’s social media, we can see that she has a boyfriend named Andre. She has also posted pictures of her engagement ring on her social media accounts. Andre, her boyfriend, is a deep-sea diver who works for a living.

She has a close relationship with her beloved fiance because she often says nice things about him on social media. She also posts pictures of them being cute on her Instagram account.

What Lea Vivier’s race and family history are

Lea Vivier’s parents, Adri Troksie Viver and Pieter De Bruin Viver, are both from South Africa. She was born in Cape Town, South Africa. When she talks about her family’s history, she says that her parents’ ancestors are from South Africa.

She hasn’t told the public much about where her family is from, though, because she usually likes to keep family matters out of the spotlight. In particular, she is one of three children, and her older sister, Trix Vivier, is also an actress.

How much money Lea Vivier has

In the years that followed, Lea Vivier may have added a fair amount of money to her net worth through her acting career. But she hasn’t talked about her possessions in public yet.

Many people think she might be worth $100,000. But the estimated number hasn’t been checked yet because there aren’t any real sources on the web.

In particular, she started working in the entertainment business in 2014 and has been in a number of hits since then.

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