Who Is Lauie Michael Tagaloa? LT Stabbed To Death Video

Around 4 a.m. on Monday, an argument between two groups of men apparently began in Brunswick Street Mall and continued in another nearby retail mall, where Mr Djentuh allegedly stabbed Mr Tagaloa.

Regional Duty Officer Inspector Sean Cryer claims that police were able to see the incident on CCTV, and that emergency services were then called shortly after.

Before one of the men allegedly drew a knife and threatened others, the males reportedly insulted one another inside the Valley Metro building.

Then shortly After being struck in the neck, 24-year-old Lauie Michael Tagaloa collapses to the ground in a pool of blood. Later, he passed away there.

They discovered a male lying on the ground, and people close by had blood on them, he added. Mr Tagaloa received preliminary first treatment and CPR, however, he was eventually pronounced dead on the spot.

At around 4 am, two groups can be seen yelling at one another before one group makes an attempt to leave the altercation.

Then, two men start fighting, and Mr Tagaloa is seen tripping backwards and fainting from a neck wound. Police are speaking with witnesses who gave Mr Tagaloa first aid in an effort to save him.

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