Who Is Lashun Pace Husband? Daughter Aarion Pace Rhodes and Children

Aarion is the daughter of Lashun Pace with her late husband Edward Rhodes. 

Lashun Pace also known as Shun Pace-Rhodes is an American gospel singer-songwriter. She is also a Stellar Award winner and evangelist. In addition, she was nominated for Urban Performer of the Year.

The singer’s life was not easy and normal, she had gone through lots of turbulence in her life. She was a single mother who raised her children alone after she divorced Edward Rhodes.

RIP: Who Is Lashun Pace Husband?

Lashun Pace’s Husband was Edward Rhodes. The detail on how they met and when exactly they got married is not known. However, the couple got divorced. 

A few years after their divorce, Edward passed away. She then took care of herself and her children by herself. She lost her first child but established a strong bond with her younger daughter.

Lashun started her professional career in 1988. The Anointed Pace Sisters began singing together in their father’s church. They were altogether nine sisters in the group.

Whereas, Lashun has a solo career and occasionally performs with the group as a recurring member. The Anointed Pace Sisters released five albums with two labels during their tenure.

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Meet Lashun Pace Daughter Aarion Pace Rhodes & Family

Aarion Pace Rhodes is Lashun Pace’s younger daughter. There is not much information about her. She must be in her mid-thirties at the moment. We can see her often before the media.

She is also a singer like her mother Lashun. There are few songs sung by her on YouTube and other social media platforms. She is also active on the social media platform.

Lashun was born to Bishop M.J. Pace and Bettie Ann Pace in Atlanta, Georgia. Lashun grew up with her many siblings who later created “The Anointed Pace Sisters,” a gospel vocal group based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Learn About Lashaun Pace Children And Biography

Lashaun Pace got two children named Xenia Pace Rhodes and Aarion Pace Rhodes. In 2003, she authored an autobiography entitled “For My Good But For His Glory” in which she discussed her daughter’s death.

Her firstborn child, Xenia died of a literal heartbreak. She was eighteen years old at the time of her death. An autopsy report revealed that she had an enlarged heart. 

On the other hand, her younger daughter seems to be following in her footsteps. Lashaun Pace is featured on Wikipedia and searching on the web, we can find many biographies written on her.


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