Who Is Kamran Haider? Dog Breeder Found Guilty of Murdering ‘Defenceless’ Toddler

A shocking piece of news is coming to the front. A man named Kamran Haider murdered a 16-month-old girl. The 39-year-old Kamran has been reportedly found guilty of killing Nusayba Umar, his girlfriend’s little daughter. The news has shaken everyone to the core as no one had imagined a grown-up man taking a life of a young, innocent, and defenseless child. As per reports, Kamran caused Nusayba catastrophic brain injuries in September 2019. The little girl was admitted to a hospital where she was getting treated. However, she died in hospital four days later.

Who Is Kamran Haider? Dog Breeder Found Guilty of Murdering ‘Defenceless’ Toddler

According to reports, Kamran Haider had a history of violence against his ex-girlfriends and their children. Kamran is a dog breeder who belongs to Ilford in East London. Before the horrific killing, he had met the little girl’s mother Asiyah Amazir on a dating site five weeks ago. Talking about the incident, Asiyah said that she will never forget the events that resulted in her daughter’s unfortunate death for as long as she lives.

The mother added that she vividly remembers the things she suffered and that noise she made on the last day of her life will haunt her forever. Asiyah Amazir further stated that she will never get to see her daughter grow up, hear her full sentence, see her first day at school, her first tooth loss, her first proper tantrum, and all of the other beautiful milestones that a mother witnesses throughout her children’s lives.

Undoubtedly, Asiyah had gotten the most unbearable pain as nothing hurts more than losing your young child. The trial at the Old Bailey heard how Amazir moved into Kamran’s house to help with his dog breeding business. Despite Kamran being snappy and verbally aggressive, she had no real concerns about his behavior at first. The mother added that a night before the fatal attack, Nusayba suffered a head injury while she was in the care of Kamran.

The court heard that the man become more threatening towards both mother and child afterward. The prosecution barrister Edward Brown said that Kamran put the young girl in a corner, hit her on the hand, and made her adopt stress positions. It was added that he would slap Amazir if she intervened. On the day of the attack, Amazir heard her daughter crying while Haider saying shut up along with a slapping sound. A jury found Haider guilty in his absence of murder and a second count of child cruelty.

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