Who Is Julia Zwicker on Tiktok? Daughter Abuse Video Raises Outrage On Social Media

Julia is a content creator on Tiktok. She is a single mother of two children and often posts different content on her Tiktok account almost daily.

She usually posts videos of her dancing to some songs and posts many Tiktoks with her children. She has also talked about suffering and battling mental illnesses in her Tiktok videos.

Currently, Julia has a total of 3.6k followers, while she only follows back about 92 people. She has received total likes of 25.9k. Her Tiktok handle goes under @juliazwickerxox

Zwicker appears to be a single mother and has not talked about her children’s father on her Tiktok account. She takes pride in being a single mother and takes care of her children.

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Daughter Abuse Video Of Julia Zwicker Explained

Recently a video on Tiktok has gone viral where Julia is heard yelling at her children and children crying in the background. This video raged a lot of people, and the people were quick to give their thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Some Tiktok content creators were furious and labeled the video as “child abuse”. While Julia herself has not addressed the allegations.

@mackenzieclyke902 Warning nasty language towards children if you hand with julia zwicker delete me Child abuse mint awareness #toronto #fyp @Julia Zwicker ♬ original sound – Mackenzie Clyke

The video went viral on Tiktok, and some people are even demanding for the CPS to do a routine check on Julia’s house and check the living conditions of the children. Julia often drinks alcohol on her Tiktok videos while she takes care of her children. 

The living situation has also raised concerns about Julia’s parenting regarding her children. 

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Where Is Julia Zwicker From?

Julia is from Canada and currently resides there with her children. However, her parents are never seen in any of her Tiktoks so it is hard to tell if she is close to her parents or not.

She usually takes care of her two children. She has a daughter and a son. She often makes duets with other people and shows her children baby pictures.

The controversies do not seem to affect Julia, and she focuses on her Tiktok career without letting it affect her in any way. She still posts her Tiktoks every day and seems happy doing so. 

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