Who Is Joshua Ortiz: Bexar County Juvenile Detention Officer Arrested For Choking A Woman

Who Is Joshua Ortiz

After being detained on felony family charges, an officer employed by a Bexar County juvenile detention facility is currently on leave.

In addition, the center’s primary goal is to establish and maintain a secure environment to deliver a curriculum that is beneficial for each kid under our care on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

His imprisonment was initially reported by KSAT.com, which said he had been placed on administrative leave while his case was being reviewed.

Read the article to the end to learn more about the case and the officer’s background.

Joshua Ortiz is reported to be an officer working at Bexar County’s Juvenile Detention Center in San Antonio, Texas. In addition, the accuser is said to be 28 years of age, making it possible that he was born between 1993 and 1994.

Ortiz has been placed on administrative leave while the matter is reviewed, as confirmed by Jill Mata, the chief probation officer for the Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center, who confirmed this Thursday afternoon.

Since July 2019, Ortiz has worked as a juvenile detention officer at the center, as per CBO Jill Mata.

Other than his position as a juvenile detention officer, neither his job nor his educational background is known.

Before enrolling in a higher institution, people who want to work at the federal level must also obtain their high school diploma.

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According to the news outlet, Joshua Ortiz was arrested on Wednesday. In addition, it is claimed that San Antonio police came to the 4500 block of Pecan Valley Drive in connection with an alleged assault days after he was apprehended.

Likewise, according to the reported assault, a woman informed the police that Ortiz started striking her in the face after becoming agitated, put her on a bed, and then started choking her with both hands.

Also, Ortiz was charged with fleeing the scene and going to an unidentified place, according to the statement in the arrest warrant.

Officers who responded to the scene also saw that the woman had noticeable bruising over both of her eyes, as well as damage over her neck that was consistent with choking.

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Joshua Ortiz is not in jail. Although Ortiz was arrested on Wednesday, two days after a warrant was issued for his arrest, he was released on a $15,000 bond, per the court records show.

Besides, he is scheduled to be arraigned in the 399th District Court on August 16.

Other than that, as of the time of writing, no other information has been mentioned on the internet news portal.

As this is a developing subject, further material will be made accessible as soon as the verified sources make their comments public.

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