Who Is Jessie Duarte Ex Husband John Duarte As SA Politician Passed Away At 68?

Jessie Duarte was a politician in South Africa. She died recently. She was married to her ex-husband John Duarte.

South African politician Duarte was the interim secretary-general of the African National Congress. She has been fighting against apartheid for a long time and has had many jobs, including being Nelson Mandela’s special assistant.

Before becoming the deputy secretary-general of the ANC in 2012, she was a member of the Gauteng provincial cabinet (MEC), an ambassador to Mozambique, and a spokesperson for the ANC.

Jessie Duarte

Jessie Duarte

Who Was Jessie Duarte Ex Husband John Duarte?

Before they couldn’t get back together, Jessie and John Duarte got married and had two children. They broke up in 2001 because they couldn’t work out their differences.

John Duarte, the ex-husband of Jesse Duarte, was one of the people who showed up in the proof of money flows from Gupta contracts.

Paul Edward Holden, a researcher for Shadow World Investigations, fixed Duarte’s mistake before he went to testify before the state capture panel.

The commission said it wouldn’t tell the names of 30 of the more than 200 people involved until they had looked at the claims and given their answers. Also, the panel said it would keep secret the names of third parties who had nothing to do with any wrongdoing.

But people have already shown interest in the first change. The problem was proving that Duarte’s ex-husband was inside John Duarte.

Holden said that illegally obtained money was used to help Sahara Computers and other businesses and buy important properties like the Optimum Coal Mine.

Who Was the Family of Jessie Duarte?

The sister of Achmat Dangor is named Duarte. Duarte finished high school at the Coronationville Secondary School in Johannesburg. Duarte first worked as a management accountant in the field of accounting.

In 1979, Albertina Sisulu was chosen to set up groups for women in South Africa. In 1981, Jessie worked as the secretary for the Federation of Transvaal Women.

In 1988, Jessie was kept in jail without being tried. She had to follow certain rules until the State of Emergency ended. At that time, she and Reverend Beyers Naudé set up a scholarship fund to help train anti-apartheid activists so they could do good work for the public.

What happened to Jessie Duarte?

In 2022, Jessie Duarte took a sick leave from the African National Congress, and she hasn’t been involved in politics for the last six months.

On April 24, 2022, the media spread false stories that Duarte had left because she wasn’t at public party events. Duarte admitted that she had been fighting cancer. Duarte’s illness finally won, and he died in July 2022.

A statement from the ANC says that Duarte died early on Sunday morning after a long battle with cancer. The ruling party says that she was a dedicated activist who fought for a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic, and wealthy South Africa. Duarte will be buried on Sunday afternoon, as is the norm for Muslims.

As soon as possible, information about her memorial service will be made public. People have talked about how sad they are about Jessie’s death and paid tribute to her on social media.

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