Who Is Jessica_leonard2022 Reddit?

Jessica_leonard2022 is trending on Reddit.

She is the same person who once held the record for being the heaviest child.

Jessica was found using TikTok with her username @Jessica_leonard2022 but she might have changed or deleted her account as it is no longer accessible. 

People on Reddit have raised concerns about her and have set up several discussion forums about her condition. 

Jessica gained fame after she held the record of being the heaviest child at 420 pounds by the time she was just 8 years old. But a medical intervention helped her lose most of her weight giving back her normal life.

However, according to some Reddit users, she once again gained her weight back. With her weight back, she is near to being completely immobile and could possibly suffer from a bipolar disorder or something of that sort. 

Fat Child Jessica Leonard Update Now

Fat Child Jessica Leonard is still heavy weighing around 700 pounds. 

She was seen using TikTok under her username @Jessica_leonard2022 but her TikTok account has disappeared. 

Jessica might have deleted her TikTok account or could have made it private. 

According to a Reddit user, she was seen using TikTok and being rude to people, and asking for donations. She and her mother were often seen fighting on TikTok live.

She has gained a disability status after being near to completely immobile due to her colossal weight and cannot stand for more than 5 minutes.

Leonard has given up on dieting and cannot perform any exercise to control or reduce her weight. 

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Fat Child Jessica Leonard Weight Loss

Fat Child Jessica Leonard had lost most of her 420 pounds in her teenage years.

She got medical help to lose her excessive weight, she was admitted to the hospital and was placed on a strict diet and exercise routine.

However, after she was discharged from the hospital she started putting up weight once again. She blames her mother for not taking care of her and letting her put all the weight once again.

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