Who is Ivy Schamis? Former Parkland school teacher recalls moment Nikolas Cruz murdered two of her students

FLORIDA’S FORT LAUDERDALE: The third day of Nikolas Cruz’s trial has started. The confessed Parkland school shooter’s death sentence will be decided by a jury. On Monday, July 18, the penalty phase of Cruz’s trial’s opening statements commenced. The jury’s verdict must be unanimous in order to put him to death at the conclusion of the trial, which is scheduled to last many months.

In his opening remarks, prosecutor Mike Satz referred to the shooting as a “calculated, systematic… mass murder.” He said, “Three days before to the shooting, Cruz posted a video saying, “My name is Nik. I’ll be the next shooter at a school in 2018. I intend to use an AR-15 and some tracer rounds to take out at least 20 people. It will be a significant occasion, and you will recognize me if you see me on the news. You’re all going to perish, and I can’t wait.

Ivy Schamis, a school teacher, sobbed as she described the time Cruz opened fire in her classroom, murdering two of her students as they were studying the Holocaust on Tuesday, July 20, day 3 of the trial. One of her students, the talented swimmer Nick Dworet, had just gotten a question right when the massacre started.

Nikolas Cruz murdered two of her students

Nikolas Cruz murdered two of her students

Who is Ivy Schamis?

According to The 74, Ivy Schamis instructed a Holocaust history course at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. She enjoyed drawing parallels between current affairs and Nazi Germany, and February 2018 served as a sobering reminder that such wickedness still exists. According to Schamis, the Holocaust’s teachings were brought into the classroom that day. “A complete hater broke into our class and killed two of our classmates while we were discussing how we’re going to tackle hatred.”

Before the shooter began firing his semi-automatic rifle through the glass on her classroom door, the class heard gunshots in the first-floor hallway of the three-story structure. An emotional Schamis, a teacher at the school for 17 years, testified at the trial, “It was actually seconds later that the barrel of the AR-15 simply ambushed our classroom.” It immediately passed through the glass panel and started shooting all over the place. It was a booming noise. really frightful These young people who really shouldn’t be going through this kept coming to mind.

The pupils bravely handled the situation, hiding behind furniture without panicking, Schamis recalled. Both Dworet and Helena Ramsay, both 17 years old, died in the end. When their photographs were displayed to Schamis, she started crying. She sobbed, “That’s my girl, Helena Ramsay.” “What a lovely boy, Nicholas Dworet.”

Alex Dworet, the brother of Nicholas Dworet, was hurt in the assault. On July 20, he stated during his testimony, “I recall having a sensation on the back of my head, a heated sensation. “I can still feel it trickling across my chest and down the back of my head.” Alex said, “I still didn’t want to accept it was a gunshot. I wished to remain composed.

On February 14, 2018, Cruz, who was 19 at the time, opened fire at his previous school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida, killing 14 students and three staff members. In connection with the incident, he admitted guilt to 17 charges of first-degree murder last October.

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