Who Is He? Police Officer in Baltimore is Detained for Interacting With the Notorious Ryders Motorcycle Club

Steven Umberto Angelini: Who Is He? Police Officer in Baltimore is Detained for Interacting With the Notorious Ryders Motorcycle Club

Steven Umberto Angelini

Steven Umberto Angelini

The 41-year-old Steven Umberto Angelini is accused of plotting with the notorious Ryders Motorcycle Club head. Authorities assert that the trio operated a saloon and a Killa Dogs hot dog cart where they sold drugs.

In addition to the current drug cases, Angelini was accused of being a part of the notorious Ryders Motorcycle Club, which Baltimore County police described as a dangerous criminal organization.

The Avenue News also said that police had arrested eight club members and had seized 12 firearms, including three “ghost” firearms. The club’s president at the time was Parkville resident Shaun A. Grazuties.

Steven Umberto Angelini: Who Is He?

In 2006, the Baltimore Police Department hired Steven Angelini, a 41-year-old police officer.

He began in the Northwestern District before moving to the plainclothes Violent Crimes Impact Division, where he carried out covert counter-narcotics operations, according to documents from his 2017 complaint against the Police Department.

He allegedly made the request for a transfer to the Southeastern District, where his parents resided, at that time after feeling burned out on his job.

The cop was previously accused of shooting and injuring a white male, 26, in 2013 on Baltimore’s Danville Avenue close to Dundalk Avenue. He is currently on an unpaid leave of absence from his job.

In addition, a member of his family informed 11 News that he is an excellent cop. Every story has a human element, and this one is no different. It is a tale of people. In July 2019, he also sustained a line-of-duty injury.

Police Officer in Baltimore is Detained for Interacting With the Notorious Ryders Motorcycle Club

The officer was detained for belonging to the notorious Ryders Motorcycle Club and for having cocaine and oxycodone in his possession with the intent to distribute them.

Twice, he was given the option of exchanging narcotics for information about a murder investigation. The court records included chats and texts that were discussed, including one from April 8 that reportedly features Angelini advertising a ghost pistol for sale.

In any case, if you’re interested, I’m selling this AR ghost for a good amount, reads one of the texts included in the declaration. It is a 10-inch 9mm AR that I made with a Colt magazine. Locations of the ghost diamond with views of the night If you are interested in a good bargain, just let me know.

Additionally, researchers assert that “Additionally, Angelini promised to provide ammunition, such as hollow point bullets. Later on that day, Angelini gave the weapon to a different conspirator and received money and narcotics from him.”

As of January 2022, a federal investigation into Angelini and the motorcycle club is underway. According to court filings, the president with whom Angelini interacted is not named. But in one conversation, he refers to the president as Keith.

Drug Deals And Charges Against Steven Umberto Angelini: Is He In Prison?

After trying to sell drugs for extra money in exchange for lending the club’s leader a ghost gun, a Baltimore police officer was detained on drug charges.

Drug and other psychedelic distribution is a practice of the Ryders Motorcycle Club. Unlike his prior grocery store theft case, which is scheduled for trial later this year, Steve is in huge danger this time around with serious claims.

The prosecutors in the officer’s drug case claimed that he had a separate source who was killed while working for the head of the motorcycle gang. The Baltimore police officer bet with the club’s president using the details of the homicide.

According to the inquiry, he traded critical information about the passing of the former source for drugs from the club. They also accused him of providing the commander of the aforementioned motorcycle gang with an unlicensed firearm.

Currently in police custody, Angelini will have a detention hearing at the federal tribunal on Thursday. He may spend up to 20 years in federal prison if found guilt

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