Who Is Edwin Arroyave? Details On Actress Teddi Mellencamp Beloved Husband And The Owner Of Skyline Security


Edwin Arroyave is not on Wikipedia, but he is an established entrepreneur in the corporate world. More to know about Teddi Mellencamp’s husband here.

Edwin Arroyave, aged 44, is a well-known celebrity spouse. His name came into the limelight when she was linked with The RealHousewives TV star Teddi Mellencamp. She is a celebrated actress and self-proclaimed accountability coach. 

Moreover, Edwin is a CEO of a security company. The founder of Skyline Security Management is one of the largest authorized dealers of Brinks Home Security.

In a nutshell, Edwin became a CEO of a security company from scratch. If you’ve got a vision achieving a dream is not a big deal. 

Who Is Edwin Arroyave? Wikipedia Divulged

Edwin Arroyave has no profile or name documented on Wikipedia yet. However, his mini-bio is available here

Further, he is mostly known as the husband of Teddi Mellencamp, an actress, and a TV personality.

Over the last 21 years, Edwin has excelled and experienced his role as a leader. Many of you might not know, but he initially started his job in a call center. 

Moreover, Edwin has a lot of responsibilities towards his family as a son. At that time, he did a job in a call center to look after his family. Within a few years, he became the manager in the call center at age 18.  

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What Is The Net Worth Of Edwin Arroyave?

Teddi Mellencamp’s husband is Edwin Arroyave. He has a staggering net worth of $15 million as of 2022, reported Wealthy Person. No doubt, as the CEO of Skyline Security, he has earned a massive amount of money.

Let us make you clear, Skyline Security Management’s annual revenues are $100-$500 million and have 100 to 500 employees. 

Nonetheless, Edwin has a verified Instagram page under the handle @tedwinator with 55.6k followers so far.

Skyline Security Founder Edwin Arroyave Has Three Children With Wife Teddi Mellencamp

Edwin Arroyave has three children with his wife, Teddi Mellencamp. The couple has a son named Cruz and daughters, Slate and Dove.

Also, Edwin has a daughter named Isabella Arroyave from a previous marriage. 

Since 2011 Edwin and Teddi have walked a milestone together, supporting each other in need. 

The Columbian businessman Edwin was born on April 19, 1977, making him 44 years now.

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