Who Is Angel Candelaria? Killed Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Worker CCTV Footage Video

A shocking incident happened at Shooters Waterfront Restaurant. An argument between a current employee and an ex-employee, identified as Angel Candelaria, resulted in a fatal shooting. It took place on Tuesday afternoon, March 15, 2022. According to the authorities, Fort Lauderdale police were informed about the incident at 4:20 PM. After getting the information, the cops reached the restaurant which is located at 3033 NE 32nd Ave. Ever since the news appeared on social media, it became a topic of discussion. Let us find out what happened in detail in the article below. Get complete information here.

Who Is Angel Candelaria? Killed Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Worker CCTV Footage Video

Fort Lauderdale Police took to Twitter to share a post about the incident. Using the hashtags #FLPD and #MediaAlert, the cops wrote that the media staging area related to the incident that occurred in the 3000 block of NE 32nd Avenue is the dead-end of 3000 NE 30th Place. “PIO is en route”, wrote the officials further. Detective Ali Adamson, Fort Lauderdale Police spokesperson, also gave details about the horrifying incident.

Adamson spoke about the timing when the cops were called to the scene and the location where it is located. After reaching the restaurant, the officers found a man who was injured from a gunshot wound. Taking the man’s health into consideration, he was immediately sent to Broward Health Medical Center. The spokesperson for the police department further said that the said man could not be saved. Adamson that the injured man died in the hospital.

As the matter was quite serious, the cops started their investigation to find out the details of the case. It came forward that the incident occurred after an ex-employee went to the restaurant and argued with the worker who was working there. The argument soon turned serious as the former employee took out their gun and pointed it at the current employee. Before anyone could process, the former employee shot the current employee. As mentioned above, the ex-employee has been identified as 33-year-old Angel Candelaria.

As per reports, Angel was arrested around 6 PM on Commercial Boulevard and Federal Highway. Since Angel shot the man to death, he was charged with first-degree murder. It is stated that when the suspect was arrested, he had a handgun on him. However, the officers are not certain if it was the same gun that was used in the restaurant shooting. The investigation into the case is still ongoing. Follow us for more updates on the case and other news.

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