Who Are Tamara Lich And Chris Barber? Canadian Police Arrest Two Leaders Of Protesting Truckers

Once again, Tamara Lich and Chris Barber is remaining the subject of discussion among everyone, since their involvement was spotted in the strategies and tactics to the clash which were occurred three weeks ago. Since the news took place on social networking sites, it made uncounted people shocked, because no one had imagined that their names will pop out in such a manner to make everyone amazed. As they have been taken into custody through the concerned department. So below you could get the comprehensive details behind the news along with some shocking facts.

Who Are Tamara Lich And Chris Barber? Canadian Police Arrest Two Leaders Of Protesting Truckers

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Tamara Lick is identified as a so-called “Freedom Convey” and Chris Barber is identified as prime protest promoter. A few hours ago the Ottawa police gave them the warning to leave or face the sentence behind the bars. Later Lich shared a video on social networking sites in which, she is appearing by saying that she is expected to be detained. On Thursday the concerned department said that they both were having some plans, tactics and strategies for the protest to create havoc among everyone, which was inappropriate enough hence they will have to take action.

Who Are Tamara Lich And Chris Barber?

Later, the concerned department issued a statement, that they had to take the decision against them because after giving them a lot of warnings, they will have to make such actions. Because for a very long both are encouraging or better say proke the other one to create the buzz so that, the peace of the city could be ruined totally. For a very long they were trying to execute some plans, which could become the cause of heavy havoc among everyone in the same place where they are protesting because in such a manner provoking could destroy everything.

Here we have mentioned such pieces of vital details which have been derived from the other sources, and therefore, still, a little information is yet to be revealed. Because as soon as time is passing many untold facts are coming to the fore, so if you want to get a bit more about the case then you will need to wait for more. Because a few pieces of information are being delivered, as the case has taken the face of the controversial issue. As the rest of the protestors are still on the road of the place where it is going on when something will come we will update you.

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