Who Are Kumar Rocker Parents Tracy And Lu? Is The Baseball Pitcher Indian?

As the 2021 MLB Draft’s newest member to the New York Mets, Kumar Rocker made headlines last year.

He was never signed, though, because of disagreements with the Mets over his medical records. Due to his lack of participation in a program that would have made his medical records public before draft, Kumar.

The Mets did not make him an offer as a result of that decision, but they did give him a shot at a compensatory selection in the MLB draft in 2022.

The young man is currently playing for the Tri-City ValleyCats of the Frontier League rather than MLB.

Kumar Rocker

Kumar Rocker

Who Are Kumar Rocker Parents? More On HIs Father Tracy & Mother Lu

Tracy and Lu, Kumar Rocker’s wonderful parents, were the ones who gave birth to him.

Tracy played in the NFL for the Washington Redskins after being chosen by them in the third round of the 1989 NFL Draft. In 1990, he was again chosen for the NFL All-Rookie team.

Tracy, though, ended his playing career after just two seasons with the Redskins in the NFL. Prior to that, he played for the Orlando Thunder of the World League of American Football for a whole year.

Rocker Senior is well-known for his work as a football coach. He is the Philadelphia Eagles’ current defensive line coach in the National Football League (NFL).

On the other hand, Kumar’s mother Lalitha, often known as Lu, is praised for her dedication to helping the young man succeed in his baseball career.

She had accompanied him on countless trips to sporting events where she supported him. In order to talk about their son, Tracy and Lu engage the media.

Is Kumar Rocker Indian? More On His Ethnicity

Given that his mother is Indian and his father is African-American, Kumar Rocker is of mixed ancestry.

His father, Tracy, is an Atlanta native who later made his home in other cities as a result of his career as a coach and athlete.

In the meantime, Kumar’s mother, Lu, is a native American whose parents had immigrated to India. Lu first met Tracy when Tracy was a player for the Washington Redskins and Lu was a student at the University of Maryland.

Following their union, Kumar, who was given his Indian ancestry, was born. According to Sports India Show, he was the first Indian-American to be selected by MLB after learning of his MLB draft last year.

Sadly, he was unable to compete on the MLB field due to a medical condition. According to Rocker’s agent, Scott Boras, no medical attention is necessary.

More On Kumar Rocker Siblings And Family Details

22-year-old Kumar Rocker is his parents’ only kid and a young man. He is not the first athlete in his family, however; the Rocker family has produced numerous elite athletes.

Along with his father, David Rocker played defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams from 1991 to 1994, making him another former NFL player.

From 2013 to 2014, he was the football coach in charge at Point University in West Point, Georgia.

As a result, the Rocker family has developed through time into a well-known athletic family.

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