Who Are Kristen Kish Parents? Untold Truths We Know About The Iron Chef Host

Kristen Kish gained national attention when she won the tenth “Top Chef” season in 2012.

Since then, she has grown as a celebrity chef leading her appearances on other cooking shows on TV.

Meanwhile, her cooking legends are intact in her 2017 published book “Kristen Kish Cooking: Recipes and Techniques: A Cookbook.”

Hence, Kish’s popularity has intrigued her fans to learn more about her background and the people related to her.

Who Are Kristen Kish Parents? Meet Her Family

Kristen Kish was brought up by her adoptive parents in a supportive and beautiful family all along.

Her adoptive parents are Mike and Judy Kisch. The Kisch couple often makes their appearances on Kristen’s social media handles, where the chef often dedicates her caption emotionally.

Her Facebook post clearly shows that her dad is not much of a talker, but he makes sure he supports Kristen through his actions.

On the other hand, Judy’s active participation in any venture inspired the Top Chef to be confident in her skills.

The mother-daughter duo has often collaborated in media ventures.

Likewise, 2022 marks Judy and Mike’s 51st wedding anniversary, which they celebrated on April 23.

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Explore On Kristen Kish Korean Origin

Kristen Kish is proud of her Korean origin while she was brought by her American adoptive parents to the U.S.

The “36 Hours” star chef was born in Seoul, South Korea. Her Korean name was Kwon Yung Ran before being renamed Kristen.

The Kish family adopted her when she was four months and brought her to Kentwood, Michigan.

As she grew up in the U.S. with an American family, she got introduced to Korean cuisine late. The world-famous Korean dish ‘Kimchi found its way into Kristen’s tastebuds when she was seven.

It was during her visit to the Grand Rapids Food Festival that she found her love for Korea and food.

Bon Appetit has covered an extensive story on Kish’s story of finding her Korean food heritage and her life afterward.

Fast Foodies Host Kristen Kish Wife Is Bianca Dusic

Kristen Kish married her longtime girlfriend, Bianca Dusic, on April 18, 2021. Bravo TV confirmed the news after the Fast Foodies host had posted about the marriage on her Instagram.

The two got married in Kish’s backyard in front of their close family and friends. Her former competitors to the Top Chef judges caught the good news and had left congratulatory comments. 

Kish had come out as a lesbian in 2014, announcing her first anniversary with her then-girlfriend, Jacqueline Westbrook.

Kish’s wife Bianca works in the hospitality industry as the VP of Food and Beverage for Standard Hotels. It could be that the two may have met as they share the same work field.

The two got engaged in September 2019, a happy news that Kish shared on her social media. 

Bianca operates a private Instagram handle, indicating that she is a private person despite being married to a celebrity chef.

How Much Is Kristen Kish Net Worth?

Kristen Kish is a famous TV chef with other ventures of her own amounting to her net worth of up to a million figures.

However, she has yet to confirm the statistics to her fans and viewers as of 2022.

She has started her new venture as a chef and host in Iron Chef as of June 15. The show is cited to be a hit show and a smart move of Kish in her TV career.

With Kish taking upon new opportunities every time, she will step down as one of the viewers’ favorite chefs in the future.


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