Where Is Shirley Nelson Today? Husband Ron Nelson Murder Suicide On Snapped

Shirley Nelson would be 92 years old today in 2022. She passed away due to colon cancer in the year 2008 after her failed attempt to murder her own husband.

After she mysteriously killed her estranged husband almost 27 years ago, things turned upside down in her world. The investigations and inquiries took a lot of time, and this story has been listed in the true crime stories to be documented. 

Shirley was a woman who lived in Santa Rosa, California, with her husband, Ron Nelson. They got married in a fairly smooth circumstance but socially an awkward situation back then as Ron was ten years younger than Shirley. This was the main reason she was always insecure about her relationship and doubted her husband’s loyalty. 

The two decided to part ways and live separately when things started getting ugly. The wife started working for cartoonist Charles Schultz as his business manager. It was for “Peanuts,” which was one of the biggest companies at that time, and the owner was a huge name himself. 

On 1995, 3rd July, something very unusual happened at the headquarters of ‘Peanuts.’ Gunshots were heard, and the 55-year-old Mr. Nelson was found in critical condition as a victim of it. It was then revealed that his estranged wife Shirley took a gun and shot him and then herself.

Luckily she survived, and when the police asked her about the situation, she said that it was revenge she took from her husband for leaving her with some other girl. Here we wait for the Oxygen to tell us if it is a story of sheer passion or if something else is attached to it. 

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Ron Nelson’s Obituary And Family Details 

Ron Nelson did not immediately die after the gunshot but was severely injured. It has been revealed that he experienced near-to-death experiences in the hospital bed for almost six weeks. He did survive for the investigation to go smoother. 

Ron’s age in 2022 is 82 years old. His obituary report is missing from the web, and the details on him will be revealed on the brand new episode of ‘Snapped’ today. His family and near ones have gathered together to detect the happenings of the horrific incident on the show. We can see how petrified they were with everything in the teaser itself. As each member talks about it, we can feel the pain in their voice.

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