Where Is Kent Harvey Now? Bob Knight Accuser Update 2022

Where is Kent Harvey right now in Indiana? He claimed that a former basketball coach had threatened him. He was a former student at Indiana University.

According to ABC News, Harvey, the account executive at Ally, left Indiana University. After Knight was fired in 2010, Kevin, his brother, mother, and step-father left the state.

On September 7, Kent Harvey allegedly grabbed and rebuked the coach after he used his last name. Kent Harvey has moved on from their altercation, which led to Bob Knight’s termination.

Kent Harvey

Kent Harvey

Indiana: Where Is Kent Harvey Now? Bob Knight Accuser

Indiana The man who accused Bob Knight, Kent Harvey, presently resides in Alpharetta, Georgia, in the United States. At Ally, he serves as the Account Executive.

Fan Nation claims that Indiana University’s famed basketball coach Bob Knight governed the school’s basketball program with an iron grip. When Harvey, the former pupil at the time in September 2000, accused him of knocking him down without a reason, things took a turn for the worst.

Knight, who was 59 at the time, took Harvey, 19, by the arm and lowered him to show him respect as Mr. Knight or Coach Knight. Knight clearly overstepped the mark by complaining to the media, according to Harer and his family.

According to ESPN, Kent and Harvey have been threatened by phone and email since their altercation, according to Mark Shaw, his stepfather. Before the Harvey brothers, Knight’s adversaries encountered resistance from the coach’s fans. Professor of English Murray Sperber took a year off because of threats made against him in his native Montreal.

Due to a history of misconduct, Knight was subject to a “zero-tolerance” policy that bars unwelcome physical contact with children. Later, Indiana basketball was never the same after Indiana University sacked the illustrious Bob in September 2020.

For Dealer Services Corporation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Harvey manages client accounts. Harvey claimed he couldn’t recall what Knight specifically said to him. He did, however, recall his manner of address. He claimed that during his encounter with a sporting legend, he was stunned, anxious, and agitated.

Kent Harvey’s Age-Who IS His Wife?

Kent Harvey, who is 41 years old, may live in Alpharetta, Georgia, together with his wife and children.

His personal life hasn’t yet been covered by the media, though. Because of his accusation of his basketball coach, Knight, he unexpectedly became well-known in the media.

Kent, a former freshman basketball player at Indiana University, was 19 years old at the time of the claim. In 2012, 10 years prior, Yahoo! Sports had an interview with him and inquired about his current health.

He may currently be married and have children. He has years of experience in both customer service and business development.

Kent favors working for an organization that fosters personal growth, encourages career opportunities, and provides resources for success. He achieves even more success because of his tremendous desire to assist others and his ongoing search for ways to aid his clients, team, and business.

The executive graduated from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. He also registered for a BS in Management program at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

Kent Harvey Job 2022-What Does He Do?

Kent Harvey presently holds the position of account executive at Ally in Alpharetta, Georgia, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He has held the role well for a number of years. He began his career in 2005 as the Business Development Manager at Paul Harvey Ford Sales. To boost sales opportunities, he was able to collaborate with the marketing team, internal team, and management.

Likewise, he oversaw the process flow for one of our GE projects while working as a production control manager. During his six years as an account executive, he was in charge of managing partnerships with NextGear Capital for account servicing, risk management, and expansion.

He held the position of Area Manager at Westlake Flooring Services LLC from January 2017 to July 2018. He also held positions at Wells Fargo as an AVP Business Sales Consultant II and a Business Development Officer.

He started working at Ally as an account executive in September 2021.

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