Where Is Jim Bakker Today? Is He Sick- Illness & Health Update

American televangelist Jim Bakker was the host of the cable television network PTL Satellite Networth and the television program The PTL Club from 1974 to 1987.

The television personality also created Heritage USA, a water park with a Christian American theme. He left the PTL ministry in the late 1980s due to a cover-up involving hush money paid to Jessica Hahn, the church secretary, for an alleged rape.

Jim Bakker

Jim Bakker

Where Is Jim Bakker Today?

Jim Bakker, the most prominent televangelist of the 1960s and 1970s, continues to co-host The Jimm Bakker Shoe on The PTL Network with Lori Beth Graham, his devoted wife whom he married after his comeback to television.

Jim said in a recent episode of his daily program that preachers are being murdered in their pews because they backed Florida’s law, don’t mention gay. Right Wing Watch was the first to report on the remarks.

The televangelist now discusses the apocalypse, which he asserts has already begun, rather than the gospel. Fewer people subscribe to Jim’s end-of-the-world predictions, but he doesn’t seem to be stopping.

Is Jim Bakker Sick -Illness And Health Update

Although The Jim Bakker Show Instagram stated that the host suffered a stroke in May 2020, Jim Bakker is currently in good health. But Jay, his son, wanted the stoke to be “minimal.”

Jim’s wife also stated that he would be taking a break from the regular schedule while he heals. She wrote that he had suffered a stroke as a result of his efforts on his show, and she added that he had called the criticism of him the most brutal attack he had ever experienced.

In Jim’s complaint, incorrect information about coronavirus treatments was at issue. He promoted supplements containing colloidal silver as a cure-all and marketed them. The New York Attorney General’s office issued him a cease-and-desist order in March to stop inflating the medicinal benefits of his products.

Jim Bakker Family -Meet His Wife

Raleigh Bakker and Furnia Lynette “Furn” Irwin were Jim Bakker’s parents when he was born in Muskegon, Michigan. Jim Bakker has been married twice. On April 1st, 1961, he wed Tammy Faye LaValley, his first wife.

The couple had two children together: Tammy Sue “Sissy” Bakker Chapman, born on March 2, 1970, and Jamie Charles “Jay” Bakker, an American author, preacher, and speaker, born on December 18, 1975.

Sadly, the couple separated on March 13, 1992, after 31 years of marriage. Only fifty days after meeting Lori Beth Graham, a former televangelist, Jim divorced his first spouse and later wed her on September 4, 1998.

Then, in 2002, Jim and Lori adopted five kids. Two of the televangelist’s seven children are biological, and the other five are adopted.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Jim Bakker?

Jim Bakker’s earnings as a televangelist have contributed to an estimated net worth of $500,000. The pair left the college after Tammy was married to become traveling missionaries and ultimately made it to North Carolina.

Heritage USA, a failing Christian theme park, followed by a number of scandals—including one in which he was accused of sexual misconduct—led to his complete dismissal as a priest in 1987.

He was charged with 15 counts of wire fraud, one conspiracy offense, and eight counts of mail fraud in 1988. Bakker was first given a 45-year prison sentence after a judge found him guilty on all counts.

But in 1991, his sentence was shortened to just eight years, and five more years later, he was granted parole. Jim was in debt to the IRS for $4 million when he was released in 1994. After a lengthy absence, he made a comeback to television in 2003 and has since co-hosted The Jim Bakker Show with his wife, Lori.

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