Where Is Candy Montgomery Now in 2022? 

Candy Montgomery and her family moved to Georgia, where she worked as a mental health therapist, according to The Daily Mail. She and her husband, Pat Montgomery, split during the purported relocation to Georgia. 

During the time of the murder, the Montgomery family lived in Collin County, Texas. Candy met Betty through church and that’s how they became close friends.

Meanwhile, she also went to church volleyball with Betty’s husband, Allan Gore. The two had a year-long affair until she gruesomely murdered her friend after being confronted about the affair.

The Hulu series based on Betty Gore and Candy Montgomery named, ‘Candy’ is releasing on 9th May 2022. Similarly, HBO is also releasing another series named Love & Death in 2022.

How Old Is Candy Montgomery? Age Today

Candy Montgomery was born in 1951 in Texas; she is 71 years old.

At the time of the murder, she was 29 years old. The Montgomery couple moved to their new house in Wylie, Texas. In 1973, Candy gave birth to a daughter,  Jenny, and a son, Ian, in October 1974.

Candy’s and Betty’s daughters Jenny and Alisa were very close and they used to have a play date together. This friendship brought Gore and Montgomery’s families together. 

Candy Montgomery Husband

Candy was born Candace Wheeler and spent her youth as an Army medic, traveling from station to station. Pat Montgomery, an electrical engineer at Texas Instruments, was the man she eventually married.

The Montgomerys came to Collin County, Texas, in 1977, with their two children, a boy, and a daughter. Her daughter was friends with the elder daughter of Betty Gore.

Candy worked full-time as a mother and spent her time at Lucas First United Methodist Church. She met her neighbor/best friend in the same church. 

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Candy Montgomery Prison Update

During the time of the murder, Allan was out on business in Minnesota on June 13, 1980. Likewise, Alisa was on a play date with Candy’s daughter Jenny at Montgomery’s house. 

Candy had come over to Gore’s house to bring a swimsuit for Alisa. That is when Betty confronted Candy about her affair with her husband. A fight broke out between the two of them. Candy struck Betty with an ax, and she had 41 wounds to her face. The last person to see Betty was Candy, confirmed by a neighbor, and her footprints were found in the Gore house.

After being arrested a week after the murder, Candy claimed that she attacked Betty in self-defense influenced by childhood trauma. The trial lasted 8 months. However, the jury decided that Candy was not guilty of murder. 

She then moved with her family to Georgia. Meanwhile, after the move, the Montgomery couple parted ways.