Where Is Amber Alexander: Why Is Meteorologist Leaving Who13?

Why Is Meteorologist Amber Alexander Leaving Who13?

For more than six years, Amber Alexander has belonged to the Who13 network.

The reason for Amber’s resignation from the network is unknown because she hasn’t made a public announcement about it. She said on Facebook that this was her last broadcast doing the weather for WHO-13 and that she was leaving.

People want her to keep providing weather forecasts because they enjoy watching her. She was a reporter and meteorologist at KNOP in North Platte, Nebraska, before Who.

The public likes and respects the journalist, who has a wealth of expertise as a meteorologist.

Where Is Weather Presenter Amber Alexander Going Now?

Amber Alexander has not specified her destination, however given her expertise as a meteorologist, it is likely that she will be working in the weather sector.

Before 23 hours had passed after the journalist had last published meteorological information, 104 degrees Fahrenheit in London was recorded as the highest temperature ever.

Amber has always found storms to be fascinating, but when studying meteorology in sixth grade, she developed a new passion in the subject.

Alexander is eager to hone her predicting abilities and give Central Iowa the finest weather report she possibly can.

Meteorologist Amber Alexander’s Salary And Net Worth Update

Amber Alexander’s net worth is unknown, however it is believed to be in excess of $500,000.

The average news anchor salary as of June 28, 2022, was $61,534, with a salary range of $49,358 to $81,164. Additionally, Alexander’s pay must fall within a predetermined range.

Her net worth and annual earnings are estimated by Factsbuddy to be $756,245 and $70,564, respectively, however neither figure has been verified by the journalist.

She works as a meteorologist and earns the majority of her income. With the money she has made so far, she has led a contented and enjoyable life.

Amber Alexander Husband And Family Info

Cory Martin, a NWS meteorologist, is the husband of Amber Alexander.

In June 2019, the pair exchanged vows in the heart of Iowa, and they honeymooned in Thailand that October. They keep Fitz and Ollie as pets. Fitz was adopted as a puppy in November 2016, and Ollie was saved in February 2020.

Amber has not provided any information regarding her parentage, however it would seem that she is of Caucasian ancestry.

The journalist, who grew up in Council Bluffs, is overjoyed to be back in Iowa and near to her family. Despite not liking the cold winters, she is happy to be in a place with a variety of climates.

Severe weather is what interests her the most. While in Nebraska, she delighted in storm-chasing. While on her first storm chasing excursion with other students in April 2012, she witnessed her first tornado in Solomon, Kansas.

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