Where Does Dr Yen Pottinger Work: Age Gap With Husband Matthew Pottinger

Where Does Dr Yen Pottinger Work

Dr. Yen Pottinger is a senior technical lab advisor who specializes in virology and microbiology.

After the COVID pandemic, the fear of the virus is rooted so much deeper in people’s brains that they absolutely hate viruses. But Pottinger does not. From the moment she can remember, she has been intrigued with viruses.

She believes that viruses are powerful and highly effective, and she also loves germs, parasites, and viruses. Pottinger manages teams at ICAP Columbia University that are in charge of planning, starting, and carrying out various lab projects and activities.

“I love viruses over organisms like bacteria and parasites.”, the microbiologist explains why she is so enchanted by viruses.

Despite Pottinger’s lifelong interest in the sciences, her career path diverged little from her aspirations to become a doctor as a youngster. She switched from a chemistry program to a biochemistry program.

She has been working as a senior lab advisor at ICAP Columbia University Senior Technical Advisor for Laboratory Surveillance for seven years since she joined in 2015. Before that, Pottinger served as Microbiologist, HIV Incidence Team Lead at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta.

Pottinger thinks there are countless prospects for research into infectious diseases, from better understanding viruses to expanding the capabilities of clinical laboratories worldwide. “And now with the COVID-19 outbreak, I think it has become apparent to the global community how essential testing and laboratory staff are to understanding the pandemic, getting it under control, and the scientific work we do in the lab will help get us out of the pandemic.”

Yen Pottinger has remained mum about sharing her personal information with the public. Hence is exceedingly challenging to discuss her age because her precise birth date has been kept a mystery. But as per estimates based on her physical look, she should be around her early 40s.

On the other hand, her spouse Matthew Pottinger was born in 1973 in the United States. Thus, he is in his late forties, 48 or 49. There emerges a small four or five years age gap between the two

Matthew Pottinger is a former journalist and the United States Deputy National Security Adviser. Matthew worked under Donald Trump’s Regime. Since Matt is fluent in Mandarin and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, he helped shape the Trump administration’s China policy.

He has been in the headlines after it was revealed that he would give testimony at the hearing on January 6.

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Yen Duong Pottinger and her husband, Matthew Pottinger, have two kids. They are both sons. However, they have not disclosed their identity yet.

After resigning, Matt, the former NSC, said in 2021 that he would move to Utah. In the Western United States’ Mountain West area, the family now lives together joyfully.

Moreover, talking about Yen’s family and childhood, she has a very miserable one. Pottinger, with her entire neighborhood, fleed Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The family first settled in Indonesia before relocating to the US.

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