When did Taylor and Shep start dating: Before the airing of Season 8 Episode 5

When did Taylor and Shep start dating? Before the airing of Season 8 Episode 5, the relationship history of the Southern Charm pair is discussed.

This Thursday, a brand-new episode of Southern Charm Season 8 is scheduled to premiere on Bravo, in which Taylor Ann Green struggles to have faith in Shep Rose.

Since Taylor had a pregnancy scare in one of the episodes, the pair has been having problems. She confronted Shep and asked how their relationship was developing in last week’s episode. Shep concurred by stating that he was not a “safe bet” after she said that she didn’t believe he was prepared for a commitment. He cut off the talk with Taylor, who appeared to be rather irritated, by saying:


Shep x Taylor

When we reach the bridge, cross it.
Although there have been reports of difficulty in paradise, Shep and Taylor have not made any formal statements on their separation.

A look at the connection between Shep and Taylor

When Shep shared a photo of Taylor and the lead singer of a band on social media in February 2020, it served as Taylor’s social media debut. In March, dating rumors about the pair began to spread like wildfire. In May 2020, Taylor made her relationship with Shep public on Instagram.

They had to keep their romance a secret because they were filming Season 7 of Southern Charm throughout the aforementioned months. During that season, Shep first introduced Taylor to the audience.

The couple began Season 8 filming last year, and while doing so, they shared several romantic Instagram images. They visited Europe in March, and right before the start of Season 8, Shep spoke to US Weekly, saying:

“We had only recently begun dating, and it was essentially honeymoon time. She really blossoms because before she was just sort of out in the corner doing our own thing and making each other laugh. Now, however, she’s kind of totally on the show and is friends — much better friends — with everyone.

Shep last appeared with her in an Instagram post on July 10 in Vero Beach, Florida. Additionally, Taylor’s final communication with him was on July 4th from the same area.

The couple will be seen in Southern Charm Season 8 attempting to determine the course of their relationship.

When will the fifth episode of Southern Charm Season 8 air?

In addition to the Taylor-Shep conflict, the fight that broke out at Venita Aspen and Madison LeCroy’s combined birthday celebration will also be featured in Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 5. The future episode will reveal how Venita’s birthday was wrecked because the last episode ended on a cliffhanger.

She will make an effort to patch things up with Olivia Flowers and Kathryn Dennis, but things will get ugly. Exes and Uh Oh’s is how Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 5’s official summary is titled.

Paige establishes ground rules for her relationship with Craig; Shep struggles to win Taylor’s trust while he’s away; and Kathryn plans a girls’ night out to celebrate her new status. Madison and Venita’s combined party goes south.
On Thursday, July 21, 2022, at 9.00 PM ET, Bravo will broadcast the newest episode. The episode is also available for later viewing on the network’s website.

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