What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Known as one of the great glories of the genre, the artist has left at the age of 86 in the city of Miami where she lived a few years ago.

The world of soap operas mourns the death of one of its great glories, the first actress América Alonso, who died at the age of 86 in the city of Miami.

The interpreter of Yugoslav origin who came to Venezuela fleeing the concentration camps managed to carve out a successful career in this country in which she became one of the great ladies of the scene.

Her work in internationally renowned series such as Soledad, La Loba, Cambio de Piel, and I dream of you with José Luis Rodríguez ‘El Puma ‘ made her a legend on Venezuelan television and other Latin American countries.

“Actress América Alonso passed away, it was just her stage name, her name was María Golajovski, and she was a star of theater and television in Venezuela. Teacher of generations,” Radio Caracas Radio announced in a farewell message on its network profile social Twitter.

Like the chain, other important media personalities, such as the journalist Luis Olavarrieta, gave him the last goodbye with written meanings.

A few years ago she moved to the United States to lead a quiet life. One that at the beginning of her life was not so. Alonso was born in 1936 in Yugoslavia and emigrated to Venezuela in 1948 fleeing the hardships and threats of a harsh post-war period.

She was married twice and had two children. One of her marriages was with the also iconic director Daniel Farías.

In the early 2000s, she moved with her children to Miami, from where she never forgot her love for Venezuela. In fact, during the 2017 protests, América Alonso was very active and aware of what was happening in the country.

The compliments about her person and her good work as an actress for so many years have been a constant on the day of her departure. Rest in peace.

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