What Is The Meaning Of Un Verano Sin Ti? Bad Bunny New Album Title In English

Last night, he finally released Un Verano Sin Ti. With 23 tracks, it’s his longest yet, but also his most relaxed and easygoing.

The album is frequently as relaxing as a beach vacation, with mellow dembow beats and dazzling production mixed in with unexpected mambo, house, and reggae twists. It’s Bad Bunny on vacation, announcing the arrival of summer. 

If we go to the lyrics part of Un Verano Sin Ti actually says;

I don’t know what happened Another love that failed It’s raining inside my room, and the sun’s outside

Tell me what happened If I was the one who let you down

Sorry for being me, and not being the man you deserved Maybe I grew up but in another life, No one was ready for a farewell, for a farewell.

And now it’s time for summer without you I’m having fun, not gonna lie But sometimes I can’t sleep because of your name

Thinking about all the plans we made But that’s just fate

You know the way I am, baby I’m a homebody And now I go out every day, to see if I find you Even if it’s just from afar. 

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