What Is The Matter About Yugo Asuma Past Life & Why Has He Never Shown His Real Face?

Yugo Asuma came from the future, prompting his past life to stay behind the place where he came from.

The trending name, Yugo Asuma, is a virtual DJ and YouTuber affiliated with NIJISANJI EN’s fifth wave, “Noctyx.”

His team members include other famous virtual YouTubers Sonny Brisko, Uki Violeta, Alban Knox, and Fulgur Ovid.

Since his debut, Asuma has already garnered hundreds of subscribers and followers in a short time. He has evolved as one of the most famous members of Noctyx as of May 2022.

Yugo Asuma Past Life And Wiki

Yugo Asuma’s past life is left behind in the future from where he moved into the present time. He came from the future timeline to pursue a successful career as a DJ.

Having a great passion for music, Asuma possesses an impressive voice and knowledge of musical beats.

Asuma is widely known by his nickname “Yugo Assman” and “Nijibaby.”

Nijibaby was born on June 4, making him a Gemini; however, his exact age is yet to be defined since he hasn’t been born in this timeline yet.

Even so, the vtuber DJ is a young person looking for fun and happy times with his friends on the web.

Asuma impressed the NIJISANJI EN judges with his DJ skills and debuted along with his Noctyx members on February 27, 2022, on the official NIJISANJI EN channel.

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Has Yugo Asuma Shown His Real Face?

Yugo Asuma’s face has always been of the virtual character on his YouTube and Twitter handle. Although his real face is unknown to the media, fans have already accepted his character as his own appearance.

The Noctyx-famous team member is widely known for his appearance in black outfits and blue streaks of hair.

Notably, he is one of the famous members of his team due to his attractiveness and sweet voice.

Yugo Asuma debuted alongside his virtual YouTuber Noctyx members as they are all related to NIJISANJI EN. 

The crowd-favorite Asuma was set to be the last member to debut, but due to technical issues, he was unable to hold his debut stream as planned.

Hence, he joined the Noctyx on the main channel. Noctyx is the second male wave of 2022 and the fifth overall debut of NIJISANJI EN.

The NIJISANJI EN agency and Asuma are based in Japan, working hand-in-hand.

Who Is Yugo Asuma Girlfriend On Instagram?

The famous Yugo Asuma has girls online hoping to be his girlfriend someday and go out on dates with him.

As Asuma has yet to debut on Instagram, he has not let the world know of his dating life. Meanwhile, his YouTube and Twitter handle mainly includes his lovely pictures and sharing of his works.

It could be that Asuma could give a sneak peek into his love life as it has become quite some time since his debut.

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