What Is Spotify Upside Down Playlist? Where To Find Spotify Upside Down Playlist?

What Is Spotify Upside Down Playlist? Where To Find Spotify Upside Down Playlist?

Spotify Upside Down Playlist

Whatever song is at the top of your playlist is your “savior song,” and Spotify has made an Upside Down playlist for everyone to listen to. If you’re searching for a “savior song” that will help you to leave Vecna, Spotify has it ready for you!

If your friends ever catch you escaping a villain in Hawkins, they can use the Upside Down playlist that the streaming service and Netflix have put together, exactly like Max Mayfield did on the show when he used Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill to get away.

Check out what this new feature is and where it may be found.

What Is Spotify Upside Down Playlist?

The streaming service’s Upside Down playlist was made specifically for you in association with Netflix.

Your most recent favorite selections, the songs from the show you’ve listened to the most and best, were used to compile the list.

Your “savior song” is the music that is now playing at the top of your playlist, which automatically updates every day.

Additionally, when Volume 2 of Stranger Things’ fourth season debuts on July 1, 2022, new songs will be added to the playlist.

Where To Find Spotify Upside Down Playlist?

Simply click on this link to access your customized Upside Down playlist.

The link will take you directly to your playlist if you’re signed into Spotify on your computer or mobile device.

The 50-song Upside Down playlist combines some of your favorite and most-played songs with some of Stranger Things’ most recognizable pop hits. (Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go?,” and other songs will undoubtedly be on your playlist.)

The song at the top of your playlist, according to the Stranger Things Instagram account, is meant to be your “Savior Song.”

.You needn’t worry if you lose your playlist because Spotify’s Netflix hub has a copy of it. You can access it by clicking this link.

Upside Down Playlist

We’ve all been searching for that one song that would free us from Vecna’s control ever since Max Mayfield used the might of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” to help escape the clutches of Stranger Things 4’s big bad villain Vecna.

Now, those of us who struggled to pick just one song will have the choice done for us due to a useful Spotify feature.

The Upside Down Playlist will identify your “Savior Song,” or the song you should ask your friends to play in case you ever find yourself in Hawkins with a nosebleed and a headache. This song will be selected from among your Spotify favorites and most-played songs. 

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